What you left behind

Ella Grayson fell in love with Harry 7years ago and found out about 5 years ago she. Was having his child.Or later as she found out,children.She didn't tell Harry about their girls Darcy and Rose so that he could go on with him future of being in music and fame.Louis,Niall,and Zayn are the only ones that know.But what will happen when the boys come to England again for their break?will romance be In the air?will Harry fought out about his children?Will Ella keep it from him?Read on to figure it out


2. They're back in England

Ella's POV:

Why didn't I tell Harry I was having kids,his kids when I had the chance?Probably because I didn't want one little thing to get in the way of his future.He had such talent,I didnt want to take away his hope.

And I did the right thing.He has everything he every wanted now,to sing,to travel,fame,to get away from this small place.

Rose woke up and walked into the kitchen"hey hon you want anything to eat?"I asked

"Yea,toast with butter"she replied and then Darcy walked in"Me too!"Darcy yelled sitting down at the table.I love my girls more than anything.

Once I made them breakfast I sat down and read the newspaper,just kidding!i read the news on my phone like a normal person!

"Famous boy band One Direction visits Englandit said on the screen.Oh god.

"Finished!"Rose said in victory,sometimes they are the funniest people I know."Mommy,can we go to the play ground today"Darcy said putting her plate in the dish washer.

"Sure guys"I said and all of a sudden I was being ambushed.Darcy and Rose threw themselves on top of me."We love you!"they said in union.They tend to do that a lot,speaking in union not tackling me.I always thought it was a twin thing .

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