I Ship It Book 1: #sydvy No. 1



1. I Ship It Book 1: #sydvy No. 1

Katy and Wist were walking down the hall. Lunch had just ended, so they were walking to 5th period. As they were talking, Ele rushed past, and bumped in Wist, who bumped into Katy.

As Wist bumped into Katy, their hands touched.

"I-I..I'm sorry.." Wist mumbled.

Wist blushed, and looked at Katy. Katy was already looking at her. Katy smiled and grabbed Wist's hand. They walked slowly to class together, Wist enjoying every moment. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Moose jumps out.


Katy quickly lets go of Wist's hand. Moose raises her eyebrows confused.

"Soooo, what did I miss?" Moose asked. Before Wist has a chance to answer, Maya runs up and tackles Moose.

"C'mon Moosey, we're gonna be late!"

Moose grins and runs ahead.

To be continued....

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