Delta Force: A War of Fate

In the dark of space, near the remains of the recently destroyed RING, a vicious being takes shape to achieve its so long anticipated revenge...


1. A nameless man

"Patient stabilized. No internal injuries. Slight loss of memories may have occurred."


The lifeless, artificial voice of the on-board medic bot has woken him. His bare feet touched down on the cold floor. Shivering and not capable of making out his current location, he shouted for help. He waited for a response. Silence answered his request. Enraged he removed all apertures from his chest that held him in a state near to paralysis. The sudden pain caused by his actions make him stagger onto the floor. Slowly his vision faded. He was devoured by exhaustion and fell into a dreamless sleep.


"Patient re-stabilized. No internal injuries. Safety precautions are being taken to stop another escape."


A sudden shock woke him again. Now he saw a man standing before him, blurred but there.

"Well you seem to be awake again." This voice was rough. It probably belonged to a man in his late forties. It sounded familiar, yet he could not make out who this other man might be.

"Who are you?", he asked quietly since tranquillizers numbed his face.

"My name is John. I wouldn't have expected you to know me anyway. Now, what is your name?"

He thought carefully. No memories seemed to exist about who he was before he came here.

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