Forever and Always

What's it like dating a youtuber? What about a Viner? How about a member of O2L or Nash Grier? We'll let Mia and Stefanie tell you.
By Mia and Stefanie.


1. 1

Chapter 1

~Stefanie's Pov~

I'm a lone wolf. Mia just got a new boyfriend named Kian who is from O2L. That's not fair. Mia actually does YouTube so that's kinda how they met and I'm over here by myself. I was at home with my older brother Taylor. And yes, I mean Taylor Caniff. He never actually let's me meet his friends which are other Viners like Nash and Cameron. I finally persuaded him to let me go backstage of Magcon. I mean, I do Vines but I'm not as famous as him or the other guys.

-At Magcon-

I just stand there and watch from backstage. I saw Nash Grier and all the other Viners and almost passed out. After Magcon they all went backstage where I was standing there awkwardly. Nash was looking at me! At me! I couldn't believe it. I tried to act casual.


Stefanie- Sup.

Nash- Who are you? Another crazed fan? Security!

Taylor- Actually it's my little sister Stefanie.

Cameron- Zayyyyumm.

Stefanie- Hi.

Nash- You don't talk much, do you?

Stefanie- Not really.

Nash- How about we go for Starbucks? Then we'll see how much you talk there.

No offense, but Nash is a jerk. I think it's part of his bad-boy act. But I somehow find it adorable. I guess I'm going to Starbucks with him.

-At Starbucks-

We ordered and sat at a table.


S- You can stop acting like that now, bad-boy.

N- Like what?

S- Like a douche.

N- Are you calling me a douche?

S- Maybe.

N- Fine. Can we start over? Please?

S- Fine. Hi, my name is Stefanie.

N- I'm Nash. Nice to meet you.

He's cute. I started laughing. Meh was smiling I literally became hypnotized by his blue eyes. It's like he's an angel. Maybe he is. I texted Mia.


S- I met a guy.

M- Who?

S- You know, Nash Grier.

M- Really?!

S- I know right! I can't believe it!

M- Good luck! I have to go. Kian and I are going to the movies.

S- Byee!

M- Byee!

I told Nash to drive me home. He knows where I live because I'm Taylor's sister and he's been there before. I just never met him.


N- Well bye sweetheart. (Said in sarcastic way)

S- Are you kicking me out of you car?

N- Yep. Bye.

S- Okay. Bye, I guess.

N- Leave now.

S- I am. Sorry if you didn't like anything that I did.

N- Oh no, you're fine. I just want you to leave.

S- Well bye Nash Grier.

N- Just call me Nash please.

S- Well bye, Nash.

N- Bye.

Wow. I could tell that Nash was nervous. He drove away and I started smiling. I can't tell if this Nash is a douche, a bad-boy, or a sweet guy. The question is, who is Nash?

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