Twinkle twinkle

Penny Ruby isn't a normal 14 year old girl, she can breath underwater, fly above the clouds and talk to animals. She's hunted by the government, who want all outcasts to be sent away without another thought, Can Penny and her best friend Anijj out run them?


1. Run

I had to get away, it was the only option. Not even Anijj could save me now. I was running, faster than I ever would normally, I wouldn't run normally. Well, not until I knew what had to be done. I streamed across the field, I was fleeing Cornfield Blue, my home town. I couldn't believe it myself! But then again, this whole month had been a big shock to me anyway, so, this was probably second on the list. I heard screaming from behind me, I turned, Anijj was chasing and yelling after me, she was slow, that was lucky for my sake. I sped up, revving an engine in my mind, for some reason, this helped.


Then it happened.


Before I knew it I was in a lake, a boggy one. However, since I could breath and see underwater, it was clear. I waded through, shifting twigs and leaves that Anijj and I had threw in last month. Whilst swimming, I heard a splash behind me.


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