Paiges life.

An interesting and true story about my life you would enjoy this book as it is really interesting and will get you started please read and tell me what you think x


1. day down Carmel land

We'll it all starts at a day down Carmel land , Carmel land is a big open water down in the forest mine it is so amazing ,we call it Carmel land because the colour of it is Carmel it has two big rope swings over the top it is in Sebastopol , so here is where the story starts me and all my friends were down in the big forest playing hide and seek tag when we stumbled upon Carmel land me and and my friends were confused but my brave friend jake went it , he didn't realise how deep it was luckily I had my big brave dog as the water was really deep and he couldn't swim that took three hours of my time trying to rescue him , after that jake and Callum went home Callum was my best friend Amy's boyfriend at the time so I was a bit gutted as Amy was grumpy without him but i still manage to make her happy by then we had to go home .

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