Not happening

When One direction comes to Elaras school she couldn't care less. She is sick of all the screaming fan girls (and occasional boy) she just wants to end it all.


3. help: Elara

What is mum going to say I'm only 15 mum will not be happy about me bringing a boy home. "We're taking the bus" I tell him "ok" Harry says following me "why did you choose me? I ask him "the way you reacted I knew you wouldn't stare at me all night and you wouldn't fan girl" he tells me "you're not getting any fan girling from me" I tell him "you can sleep here" I tell him showing him my couch. "Seriously? Don't you have a spare bed?" He asks "nope" I say "you will have to put up with it" I tell him as I go tell mum that Harry styles is over, when I come back I see Harry at the table "we are having mac and cheese" I tell him "yum" he says.


I wake up and tip tie into the lounge room, Harry is still asleep. His hair is messy, 😈 I get a bucket of cold water, splash, I pour it over him. He jumps awake "what?!!" He asks quite startled at this "you won't get fan girling but you will get Elaraing" I tell him as a smirk grows across my face.

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