The Forgotten

Layla is a normal teenage girl... Or is she?
Her life takes a turn when she stumbles upon a wounded angel in an abandoned building, telling her she's more than she thought herself to be.

This story is based on option number 2 in the fantasy competition.


1. The Angel

"Finally, lunch." Said Layla leaving the school building. She hurried so the teachers wouldn't catch her leaving school grounds as she was on her way to her lunchspot. She still remembered the horrors of being caught the last time, and it was not something she felt like experiencing again. Her lunchspot was her favorite place in town. She'd always go there whenever she felt down or alone, and that had been happening a lot in the past year with her finding out she was adopted and all. As she made her way through the outline of the forest she could already feel the light and comfort of the glade, welcoming her back. She took a step out in the light, and as her eyes adjusted to the sharp light of the sun, she saw her standing there.

"Celeste", her voice was melodic, almost as if she was singing. Layla didn't move an inch. She simply could not believe her own eyes. This beautiful being standing before her was nothing less than stunning. Her hair was the colour of silver and her skin was the fairest she had ever seen, her sparkling white dress with crystals starting at the hem disolving halfway up her legs was no match for her eyes, that seemed to be a battle between azure and silver. Layla tried to speak but her voice was failing her. "Celeste", Again. That was the second time she said that. Laylas's curriosity finally got the better of her voice, "What do you mean?", her boice was trembling a bit, but she couldn't help it. She was just too beautiful. She looked at Layla as if her mind was at ease just watching her. "Your name. Celeste." Her name? Ehat did this woman mean? Layla's face looked puzzled. "I still don't understand. My name is Layla, not Celeste. Could you tell me yours?", She smiled at this. "Aurora is my name. And I have finally awoken from my slumber." Layla only got more confused by her answer. "Aurora", Layla chewed on the name. She found it oddly familiar, but if she'd met her before she would have rembered. Nobody forgets someone like her. Aurora started walking towards Layla. Layla couldn't move, and when they were not one foot apart she spoke once again with that beautiful voice of hers; "I am the vessel, and you are my child. My child of light and dark."

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