Falling for you!

Megan Spencer a young and quite ordinary girl is dying for love. After a accidental encounter with Louis Tomlinson, One Direction member they fall for each other. How can they keep their love life secret.


1. Falling for Louis

Megan pushes throw a crowd of screaming girls just to get a glimpse of the boys. She pushes away a screaming fan just to see a glimpse of them as they get into a highly secured van and drive away. She's sighs. She turns to walk away but the girl, whom Megan had pushed gets her revenge by tripping Megan face first into a muddy puddle. Megan yells out and gets a mouth full of mud. She groans and sits up. She wipes the mud of her face and looks around for the girl that pushed her but she is long gone. "Damn it" Megan mumbles to herself. Slowly the crowd fades until it's just Megan sitting covered in mud. She try's to wipe the muddy grit of her shirt but it just gets all over her hands as well. Then she feels the tears coming. She tries to hold them back but it is to much. She's had such a hard day and this didn't help. Tears drop down her cheeks and onto her ruined clothing. She wipes away her tears resulting in an even muddier face. She screams in frustration. As she sits there sulking a warm hand touches her shoulder. "Hey! You alright" the immediately recognisable voice of Louis Tomlinson says. I turn around to see I'm right. He smiles gently. "Huh umm" I say suddenly. "It's okay" he says smiling "most of you are like this when you first meet me." Megan blushes uncontrollably! "So ugh" Louis says "Have you seen the others. I kinda got lost." "Yeah" I say "they drove away in a blue van not that long ago." "Well I should go find them" he says helping me up "thanks for the help" he says turning to walk away. "Oh yeah" he says turning around to face me again "autograph." Megan nods frantically passing him her journal. He takes out a pen and scribbles his autograph. "Thanks" Megan says politely. "It's fine" he says smiling his charming smile "bye." He walks away slowly. As soon as he is out of sight. Megan screams in delight until she can't anymore. She takes a deep Breath. Then she walks home with a slight skip in her step.

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