True Love At First Sight

I am kinda stuck in Britain... Or rather below Britain. I am escaping and going on a long journey to re-find my one true love, Kero. We got separated once the wars started, so I haven't seen him in a while... Well, would you like to come with me?


4. The Stranger I Know

I ran through the forest, about seven or so demons hot on my trail. I had done only one thing wrong... let them out. These were the kind of guys that you didn't want to be messing with, but I had granted them their freedom... and I was young and pretty, so I was their prize. "Come on, you pretty little thing! We just want to play!" I shivered at the word 'play', knowing what dark intent it held. "Gotchya!" Someone whispered into my ear as arms wrapped around me from behind, holding my arms to my side and keeping my mouth shut. I could tell it was a male by his voice, but as he pulled me into a shadowed area, I became scared of him as well. After the group ran past, I tried to pull away from the man behind me, but he only held on slightly tighter. "Hold on. I can hear them doubling back." I steadied myself and soon enough, the group stood before us. "Where in the bloody hell did she go?!" The man behind me let me go and I unsheathed my sword while he mirrored my action. The leader of the group walked over until he was just outside of the shady area. "I think she went--" He was cut off as I shoved my sword through his chest, pulling him into the darkness and sliding his body off of my blade. "Joed? Where the--?" I slit his throat as I charged out of the darkness with the man behind me. He sliced and diced at the men before him and before I really knew what was happening, they were all dead. I had seen this fighting style only once before, a very long time ago. It had been taught to me, beat into every portion of my soul with a whip. "Hello, Master Yoilen. I haven't seen you in a while..." He smiled and hugged me tightly. "How has my best student been?" I smiled and hugged him back. "Very well, but... where are you coming from?" He nodded towards the north. "I came from Utah seeking you. You are being missed quite badly by a certain someone." I blushed and giggled slightly. "Good, because I miss him, too!"

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