Not Much To See (Louis Fanfiction)

"There is not much to see. He is just a boy and I'm just a girl. He'll never notice me even though I notice him everyday. Can't you see? I'm not his type. No matter how many times I dream about him, he'll never belong to me and I'll never be his. I don't get why you can't just let this be. You and I both know that their will never be an us. He'll never feel the same way I do about him. All those wishes I made will never come true. Those fantasies I have, they'll never be real. Now if you excuse me, I have to get back to class."


4. Chapter 4

Carly P.O.V

As my mother was talking with Liam downstairs, I thought I should at least get dressed, I mean, Mr. Cutie (aka Louis) will be there.


I grabbed my favorite dress.


It was tight but it was adorable and mom absolutely loved it.


It was black on the torso and had a light pink skirt attached to the leather torso piece.


I had the perfect heels for the dress.


I grabbed my transparent leggings and my shiny, hot pink heels.


I think the shoe store owner said they're about five inches tall.


I looked in the mirror and sat on my makeup stool which I rarely used because I don't actually wear makeup.


I grabbed my liquid eyeliner and traced the outline of my eyelid.


After that, I mixed the brightest pink I had with black and looked at my eyes in the mirror.


I'm satisfied.


I grabbed my gloss and looked at the name.


Dazzling Heart Pink made by Arrowline (A/N: I totally just created that.) That's the right color.


I traced the outline of my lips and stared at the glittery pink gloss.


Lastly, I grabbed a random lipstick and looked at the name.


Dazzling Heart Pink made by Arrowline. Yep, that color's popular these days.


I filled in my lips with it and rubbed them together.


I made sure to fill in my lips with the same gloss and rubbed them again before my phone rang.


I read the screen. Harry.


"Can I help you Haz?" I asked while putting my shit in my purse.


"Nah, just wondering if you've seen Liam."


"Yeah, he's taking me to the ball."


"Ha, dumb ball."


I hide my laughs by letting anger fill me.


"Nah bitch, I'll come over there and pound your face in."


"Aw, did little ole Carly stick up for her boyfriend Li Li?"


"Harry Edward fucking Styles, don't make me slap you."


"Holy shit, stop it, you're making me hard."


"Shit Harry, you have a fucking girlfriend."


"Ha, gotcha, April fools."


"But it's not April."


"What-thefuck-ever." he said and hung up.


I laughed and headed towards the stairs until there was a knock at my window.



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