Not Much To See (Louis Fanfiction)

"There is not much to see. He is just a boy and I'm just a girl. He'll never notice me even though I notice him everyday. Can't you see? I'm not his type. No matter how many times I dream about him, he'll never belong to me and I'll never be his. I don't get why you can't just let this be. You and I both know that their will never be an us. He'll never feel the same way I do about him. All those wishes I made will never come true. Those fantasies I have, they'll never be real. Now if you excuse me, I have to get back to class."


2. Chapter 2

Carly P.O.V


I fell to the ground and realized Louis fell on me.


"Oh my god love, I apologize." he said, helping me up.


"Um, t-that's okay." I stuttered.


"I'm Louis."


I decided to pretend I didn't know who he was.


"Hello Louis, I'm C-Carly."


"Well Carly, I guess I'll see you at the fairy tale ball." he said with a wink and walked away.


Did he just wink at me? I was about to faint right then and there like literality, but I walked off instead.


Liam grabbed my shoulder and stopped me.


"Love." he said.


"Can I help you Liam?"


"Yes. First of all, what's wrong?"


"Nothing. Now what's the second reason." I kicked the rocks in the school parking lot.


"Need a ride home?"


"Yeah Li, I'd like that." He opened his car door and let me in. I didn't give him a "Thanks."


"So, you going to the ball?" he asked as he backed out of the school parking lot.


"Probably not. I mean, all of my friends have dates and I don't have shit." I said. "Excuse my language."


"Carebear, I can be your date."


Actually that won't be bad. I get to see Louis so I guess that's fine.


"You would really do that?" I asked with a smile.


"Anything for a friend." he said and smiled.


He parked in my driveway and looked at me.


"You wanna come in?"


A smile crept up on his face. "Do I?"


"It's a take it or leave it offer Liam." I said, annoyed with his shit.


He rolled his eyes and we got out of the car.


He followed me into the house.


"Carebear, you home?" my mom yelled from upstairs.


"Yes mom, I'm home. Where's dad?" I yelled up while placing my bag by the door.


"He's at work and he won't be home 'til late. You still going to that ball?" mom asked.


"Yes mom, Liam's taking me."


"Oh Liam is, is he down there?"


"Yes, mom." I grabbed two muffins out of the fridge.


"Okay, I'm on my way down."




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