Being austins sister

When your brother Austin is on tour you go to visit him. On the plane your seated next to a handsome boy, niall horan. You both become great friends maybe even more than "just friends" but things are going well until Barbra shows up


1. more than "just an orphan"

All alone in my apartment, playing my iPad just like any other regular girl. At school I'm bullied for being adopted but I don't care what they think. I have my family and my only friend my best friend Ruth. She sticks up for me when people say stuff to me like "eww there's Carly the adopted girl who wants to be near an orphan?" It makes me up set sometimes but I let it slide. No one would treat me that way if they new my secret. My brother is Austin mahone... Only Ruth knows my secret. But she has a massive crush on him which I think is a bit weird. I was playing cut the rope when I got a message from Austin saying: "Carly on Monday u can come and stat with me in New York for a a few days then u can come on tour with me if you want!" I replied very quickly saying: "of course just email me the plane tickets and meet me at the airport!" Ok will do replied Austin. I was so exited, in just two days I was going to meet my brother in New York for the first time in 4 months! I called Ruth and told her. "Omg I need to pack!" I thought to myself, but I had nothing to wear. All I had wast jumpers, trousers, and cardigans. Not very good for New York but all u need in the rainiest part of Ireland! I went out to the shops and got a a few spaghetti-strap tops, some shorts and new sun glasses from forever 21 and a new bag from Clair's accessories. When I got home I decided to order a pizza and watch grown ups 2.

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