Kara Era

Kara Era was my best friend. As the world I knew disappeared, so did she. I was only six.
But now, ten years later, she's back, along with all technology. Advanced, superior technology.
And she's different.
Much different.


1. Prologue

Kara Era.

That name haunts me. For ten years I have tried to remember her face, remember her laugh, remember voice. But I can't. I can remember her details. Black hair. Blue eyes.

But I remember no face.



I drop my face into my palms. Kara Era. Even her name sounds distant. Alien. She left after everything I had known disappeared. She said she would never leave. She lied.

I blink away the tears threatning to appear. They can not come. Especailly with all this pressure. All the new technology surfacing.



A knock on the door startles me. No one has visited me for years. Not since mother and father died. Not scince Kara went away. But now, I hear a loud knock, clear as day. It is not unreal. It beckons me, so I stand up. Slowly walking towards the door, I see a flash of blue light. It almost blinds me, but I ignore it.

Opening the door, I see a familiar face.

Kara Era.

But she is different. Silver wires peek from her blue metal body. Her black hair looks more like twine than hair. And her eyes... there are no eyes. Just blue lights, like a robot. She smiles, a foreign smile I am not used to. This is not Kara Era. This is a cyborg.

But it is Kara.

"Mara...?" She asks, it coming out more of a question. "I am back. It is me... Kara." She finishes. This sends hope running through my veins, but anger shooting through it, as well. She left me for ten years, to become... to become this monster? This cyborg?

"No. Go. I don't want your kind here. I don't care who you are! You are not Kara! You aren't MY Kara!" I yell, turning around. I feel a cold metal hand grasp my shoulder, fingers holding it. I pull away, hoping I snapped wires. How can she even show her--that face around here?  She is not my Kara.

"Mara, please. It's just technology! I'm still Kara! Still free-willed! Still myself! Just-" I don't let her finish. Inturrupting her, tears stream down my face, distorting it as I scream.

"YOU ARE NOT YOURSELF! YOU ARE A ROBOT! YOU ARE NOT MY FRIEND! SO GO! LEAVE ME BE!" I scream to her. She vaguely nods her head, her twine plaits swinging at her shoulders.

"If that is what you wish." Says Kara, harshly. I nod my head, slamming the door in her face. It's only until I do that, that I realize; I miss her already. She was my Kara. Just different. And I let her go, again.

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