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  • Published: 27 Mar 2014
  • Updated: 27 Mar 2014
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This is a Fan-Fic based on Divergent, where Tris Prior uncovers a hidden place, that has been going on right under her nose!


1. Chapter 1

Dauntless. Me. Or rather who i chose to be.

It was a usual day (by that i mean Jeanine and her army attacking people) and i wanted to get lost in my thoughts and reflect without having to hide or run or keep a gun in my boots, and be on guard. No, and i knew just the place, where i had first met Tobias (or rather Four) and discovered his hidden personality. The rocks where the oceans danced around, playfully and the wind hissed at you as it swept in. I felt a shiver go through me and pulled my sweaty, filthy jacket around myself. The air was crisper and cooler here, just the way i like it. The perfect place to get lost thinking. My mind drifted back to when Tori told me I was Divergent, moving like a gas in a tube only on a much larger scale, daunting news, not anymore.

I could just about see the hide-out, a small cave carved into the cliffs and rocks. It was dangerously close to the crashing grey waves, but it didn't matter because everything here was dangerous anyway (that’s how I talk myself into doing everything risky). I stepped carefully through the undergrowth towards the cliffs- my gun resting uncomfortably in my boot and prodding my leg with every step. I could feel a sense of freedom as I ran for the hideout, my hair flailing wildly and the cold wind rushing past my cheeks and through my teeth. Away from the bleak towering city, where it seemed we were always being watched. I felt as if I couldn't be stopped here, no limits. Then there it was, the tall, vast cliff looking rough and wild- yet somehow that was comforting. Like returning home. I approached the cliff and began the short but steep climb up the chalky steps (the easy bit), then there was the climb. I knew all the foot-holds so well, I could climb it blindfolded. I gripped the rock firmly and pushed myself up from the ledge.  Then I clambered up some more holds feeling as light and agile as a spider. Now came the last foot-hold... I lifted my foot to rest my weight there, when suddenly I felt nothing below me, as if the rock had disappeared from beneath. My heart leapt up and my breath stopped dead for that moment. I slipped down the cliff face, and it blurred past in a smudge of grey rock. I felt its jagged edges scrape my skin and the horrible feeling of knowing that you’re going to hit the ground. Luckily, i managed to dig my foot into a hold in time. I froze, my eyes scrunched, my fingers gripping the rock, catching my breath. Strange. There had always been a foot-hold there.  Maybe the rock was wearing away? Then I thought of something that sent a chill down my back, and unexpectedly made me perk up- aware, like a dog sensing someone coming. Maybe someone had been here before me? No. I shoved that thought to the back of my crowded mind.

When I reached the cave, I realized that my face was scratched and bleeding from the slip. My hands were raw and ripped. I lay against the rock in the comforting dark with the outside light drafting in. I could feel the stinging pain, and hear the near waves rumble. I decided that getting pins and needles was not a necessary experience considering the circumstances, so i got up reluctantly. I stretched my legs, feeling as though i hadn't got up in ten years. My legs felt strangely weak, I could really feel the weight dragging down mercilessly on my legs, as i stumbled to gain my balance. As I began to pace up the cave i heard the distant factory like noise coming from within, like machines working. No way, I am in Dauntless, and Amity is far away, so what was that noise? And why inside a cave, far from the city? Huh? I scrunched my face, confused, when I noticed a piece of paper; torn, fading, brown, lying on the cold, wet floor. I took it over to the entrance near the daylight, squinting, trying to read it as best I could. But I could only make out a formula, something like CH₂+40PB₁ and the number of a chip: 4556892. The stark image of Jeanine’s patronizing face came into mind, frowning eyebrows, and tight lips and dyed blond hair that cropped two wide blue eyes full of menace, who other than her would create a mad scientist underground lab, in a place no one would think of. Little did i know that i was right, the light in the clearing was in fact a mutated army of androids, which all scarily contained a floating tube of green liquid, probably CH₂+40PB₁, whatever that is. My eyes widened in horror, and i stepped back dazed trying to take this all in. I shook my head furiously and tried to pinch myself to see if i was dreaming. Jeanine was planning something big, and it was going to hit us hard if i didn't stop it.  

Without warning a hand swiftly crept behind me and landed hard against my waist. Another hand closed around my mouth, gripping with an iron fingers.

“My dear girl Beatrice, it’s always one of you that finds out about these things, it has been secret for years, so let’s keep it that way?” the familiar clipped, eerie voice of Jeanine pierced my ears.

One squeeze and I blacked out, cold and hard.

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