The Fault In Our Stars- After the Ending


1. Hazel Grace

(A/N: In third person, not Hazel's POV)

It had been exactly a month since Augustus Waters had died from cancer. Not a day had gone by that Hazel didn't think of the boy she fell in love with; his warming smile, his bright blue eyes and his charming, optimistic nature: all things that had once made Hazel's throbbing 16 year old heart swell. And they continued to... She had made a habit of visiting Mr and Mrs Waters whenever possible; they were like friends to her now. Good friends. The two of them were the only people, Hazel believed, got Gus like she did. As extreme as it may sound, a small part of her thought she maybe knew the 17 year old even more than his parents did. She loved him, and not once had she looked at another man the way she had him; not when Augustus was alive, not now, not ever. Their bond was unbreakable, and the infinity he'd given her was something she knew she'd never be able to rekindle with another. But by no means did she want to. She had an Augustus Waters fetish, and sadly Augustus Waters' don't come round too often.

Hazel Grace still had Phillip, and the Cannula, and the nubbins in her nose that helped her breathe; but as Augustus had grown weaker she had grown gradually stronger. It was almost as if they had switched roles; he was once a healthy, charismatic, 'roller coaster only going up' soul, and she quite the opposite. When he had passed, it was almost like the pain of the cancer had somewhat left (it was still evident, and Hazel was not of course completely free of the illness, but she felt much better than she had in the past...slowly, her very own roller coaster was going on an upwards journey of its' own).

Hazel's pain and suffering indeed had lessened as Gus became less able, however the emotional, gut wrenching pain she'd had to face constantly over the past month, waking up to remember the invisible place they used to visit on the phone (that was now nothing but endless silence) could no longer be visited, was the worst kind of suffering of all.

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