Split Second - Charlie

short chapter for 'Split Second' competition, told from Charlies point of view


1. Split Second Competition (Charlie's POV)

“WHAM! The blast knocked me off my feet. I slammed down hard on my back, onto the floor. Winded, I lay there, stunned. What was happening?“


The searing pain in my chest stung like mad, I tried to steady my breathing as I weakly pushed myself up onto my elbows and stared around wide-eyed at the ciaos.  There was dust and rubble everywhere and I could see smoke coming from the other end of the market, over by the free food stall “Mum!!” I cried out loud to myself as I hulled myself up onto my feet and began to run, pushing my way through the throngs of people getting away as fast as they could from the scene.  My heart was pounding in my chest and my breathing all ragged, I clutched at a stitch in my side but kept on running determined to reach the food stall.


There was screaming, shouting and crying all around me, my head was buzzing from it all but I kept my focus on ahead, reaching the scene there was dust and smoke everywhere it filled my lungs, I coughed and slapped my hand to my mouth, straining to see beyond the smoke.  There were people being usher out, some with faces cut, bruised and bloody, others were limping or clutching limps that had been hurt in the blast.  The smoke began to clear and that’s when I caught sight of it, mums green colored coat lying in the rubble and the figure wearing it laid motionless on the floor, “MUM!!” I shouted as I darted towards her, but before I could reach the figure someone caught hold of me, holding me back “that’s my mum!!” I cried, tears leaking from my eyes, ‘It couldn't be true! Couldn't be!’ as the person who held me lead me over I burst into tears as I knelt down by the still form of my mother.


I laid my hand on her chest and shook her, “Mum!!” I said through sobs, remembering the last thing I had said to her, ‘I hate you’ all because I couldn't have a stupid tattoo and now she was gone and I would never be able to say I was sorry.

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