Hi my names Lola, I'm 4 years old and I'm lost. Deep in the woods where nobody could find me, where the scariest animals lurk. I'm scared and alone. I lost my family in a car accident me and my big brother Logan survived, he was 6 but he got killed my a man with red eyes.


1. found.

I lay here in the center of the woods directly under the sun, in the middle of a patch of flowers. It's not like I could do anything else, I haven't ate in months. I was weak, scared, and worst of all lonely. I have a fear. The fear is being alone. I've always had it, when I was a baby whenever someone would leave me I would cry until they came back. My brother was my best friend, and now he's gone. I buried his body after the blood was drained out of him and the man left. He is buried by the biggest tree in the forest.

I heard a branch snap, so I looked up and at the peak of the meadow where the trees start again was a big black wolf. My eyes got wide and he started coming towards me. I was in shock that he didn't eat me yet. As soon as he was close he put out a paw like a stair. I stepped on it and he put me on his back, I held on tightly to his fur as he ran, we came to a house it was brown and homy not to big, but not to small. The wolf put me down and went be hind a tree and all of the sudden a big shirtless man came out from behind the tree. WHAT?! Was the wolf a man? Hehe he's a wolf man. He came and picked me up he was warm, I cuddled into him he was like a big teddy bear. But turns into a wolf instead of a bear.

"Hi sweetie, what's your name? My names Sam" He asked. I looked up at him and whispered,

"Lola" he smiled at me.

"How old are you honey?" I put up 3 fingers and then switched to 4 I think that was how many anyways. He smiled at my confusion and brought me into the house, there was 6 boys that looked like him and 2 girls. The girl that looked older came and hugged Sam.

"Who's this cutie?" She asked sam, I blushed and looked down and he set me down on one of the boys' laps. I frowned, I didn't know this boy. A tear rolled down my cheek, the boy tilted my chin up and whipped my tear while looking into my eyes. I couldn't move and the tears had stopped. The boys all howled in laughter causing me to cuddle into the boy who had been holding me. My tummy growled, and the boy stood up with me in his arms.

"My name is Embry by the way. What's your name?" I smiled.

"Lola" I said into his neck. He was really warm and comfy I could just stay here all day.

"Well Lola what would you like to eat?" Yay! Food! Finally!!!!!

"Umm cereal?" He smiled at me and set me on the counter next to where he was making me a bowl of cereal. I ate my cereal on Embry's lap while he was talking to the other boys. After I was finished he rocked me back and forth till I fell asleep in his arms.

A/N sorry for the authors note but can you comment wether I should continue or not? Please and thank you

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