Directioner Handbook

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moments in the 1D fandom
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2. Louis Tomlinson

- He was born on December 24 1991

- He is the oldest member of 1D

- If he had a super power he would want to fly

- Favorite band is the Fray

- He is dating the lovely Eleanor Calder

- His middle name is William

- His favorite color is a dark red

- His favorite food is backed beans

- If he had a son he would name him Leo or Lucas

- It takes over 30 minutes for him to do his hair in the morning

- He hates when people chew their food loudlu

- He has size 10 feet

- He likes the word 'boobs'

- He sleep - walks

- He learn how to play the guitar when he was 14 years old.

 Forever And Always

              - Jess


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