1. Short Story Enjoy!!!!!

We were all so excited for the sleepover we had been planning for a month. Four friends, a scary movie, and a lot of popcorn. My friends were the best my friends are all really pretty, funny, and nice. I planned to watch Hitchcock Psycho. Once the doorbell rang I ran over to the door, “Hi Sarah!” I exclaimed. “Heyyy,” She responded. “I’m so excited are you really to watch one of the scariest movies ever!” I exclaimed. “Yes, but you always get really excited to watch a scary movie or something and then you end up closing your eyes the whole time,” Sarah responded. The doorbell ran again, there were Keeley, and Absara. “Hey guys,” I spoke. “Hey!” Absara, and Keeley said simultaneously. We all got all ready for our sleepover ready for a really scary movie. My parents were at date night, so it was just my friends, my siblings, and I. It soon became dark outside it was 9 o’clock. “Ready guys,” I said excited. “Sure,” Keeley responded. Keeley, Absara, and I are all easy to scare, while Sarah was the brave one always ready for a new adventure, whether it was Bloody Mary or an séance. We put in the cd to the TV and we were all ready to watch the movie. By the end of the movie we all were obviously freaked out so we went to bed. It was 10:30 when we had fallen asleep. I woke up not tired at all; I looked over to the clock to see what time it was it was 11:00. I had only been asleep for 30 minuets! They’re for a minuet until everyone had woken up as well. “Charlotte, how long have you been up?” Absara asked me. “Not long. Are you guys tired because I am not tired at all.” I asked them. “No I’m not tired at all!” Sarah responded. “Did you hear that?” Keeley said shaking. “Keeley are you ok?” I worriedly exclaimed. “I just thought I heard something its okay it must have been the wind,” Keeley stated obviously not believing herself. I should’ve realized it before it’s exactly what happens in all of the murders someone hears something, but she tries to deny it then someone dies. “Ok…” I stated worried. We talked for 20 minuets until I heard something it sounded like attic. “Sarah stops it that’s not funny!” I exclaimed. “What are you talking about?” Sarah asked. “Absara was that you?” I asked. “You know what if you and Keeley are just trying to scare us its not funny!” Absara said irritated. “Keeley… Where is Keeley?” Absara said panicking. “What’s that!” She exclaimed. “It’s a word it says attic!!! OH GOD OH GOD!!!” I exclaimed. “That’s the word I heard!!!” I exclaimed. “Lets go find Keeley!” Sarah exclaimed. “Ok!” Absara and I exclaimed. We pulled down the white opening to the attic. We pulled down the brown wood stairs to the attic. I knew something bad was going to happen. We worked our way up the unsteady stairs holding hands. Making sure no one else would disappear. We stopped in the middle of the stairs to get a confidence boost I guess that was my job, “Guys we have to stick together we can do this we are best friends Keeley needs our help and we cant let her down.” I stated. We continued up the creaky old stairs, scared what might or might not come next. My house is a brick house that is pretty old but holds a lot of memories. The endless possibilities of what could be waiting for us in the attic with our best friend Keeley. “Wait guys, we rant prepared!” I exclaimed. Absara, and Sarah exchanged a look. “What?! You want to leave Keeley in the mean time while we get “ready”?!” Absara said sarcastically. “I just need to call someone.” I stated. Sarah and Absara sighed. Ding-dong. “They are here Okay guys don’t be mean they are here to help us,” I stated. “Hey Charlotte,” Jocelyn stated. “We are ready!” Erin proclaimed. “Thank God you guys are here we really need your help!” I exclaimed. We worked our way up the staircase step by step thinking of the worst-case scenario. We got into the attic. The creaking of the floors made the situation much worst. “If I was a crazy ghost/murderer where would I go?” Jocelyn questioned herself. “What’s in there?” Jocelyn asked. “A room, you’re the experts if you go in there we are following,” I stated. “Yah lets go in,” Erin said confidently. We walked into the room through the small door made of wood. Keeley was sitting there passed out unconscious. “Lets get Keeley and Leave!” Absara exclaimed. “This is a trap, its obvious it’s too easy!” Sarah exclaimed. I saw a shadow without saying anything I walked into the middle of the room ready for anything I stood by Keeley. “Lets get Keeley and get out of here! The ghost I know now what it is it’s the ghost that will come to a house once every 100 years and kidnap someone on a Friday, but don’t worry after we get Keeley out of here, don’t worry it only comes to the same house once. It will be gone by 12:00.” Jocelyn stated. We got out just in time to get at least 30 minuets of sleep after talking for a while and doing regular sleepover things.
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