Surviving The Dead

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  • Published: 27 Mar 2014
  • Updated: 31 Mar 2014
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Surviving The Dead; **RANDOM NEW CHARACTERS ARE ADDED EVERY SCENE/SERIES** There is no One Direction... There never was. The world has come to an end, everyone is dying, everyone is running, everyone is lost, and everyone is left behind. When Kim and her husband(James) escapes from the zombie apocalypse, they run across Harry Styles who helps save them. As they moved along they way the found Liam Payne with Zayn Malik, further more they came across Niall Horan who was getting attack by a walker, then towards the end of the boarder line, they find Louis Tomlinson, who is in need of help. The group soon find a place to rest, but when walkers arrived and took over, the groups breaks up.


6. Epidode 6 - The New Guy

Kim: *wakes up and cooks breakfast* 

Niall: *wakes up and walks downstairs* Morning. 

Kim: *smiles* Morning, breakfast will be ready in 20. 

Niall: Ok. 

Kim: So what was your family doing before all this happened? 

Niall: We were on our way home actually and we can across those things and they took over the car and... they got to my parents first and then my brother and his wife... even my baby nephew. 

Kim: *heartbreaks* I'm really sorry, I lost my newborn when this started too. 

Niall: How old? 

Kim: She was just a day old, maybe not even. 

Niall: What do you mean? 

Kim: I had her the night before. 

Niall: Oh yeah, I'm really sorry about it. 

Kim: Yeah, but I'm moving on. *smiles* She wasn't meant to be. 

Niall: Yeah. 

James: What's going on? 

Kim: Babe? 

James: Yeah? 

Kim: We were just; I mean I was just asking him what happened to his family. 

James: Yeah, how'd you escape them. 

Niall: Oh, I haven't gotten to that yet, but I got out from the top window. 

James: Smart. What'd you say you're name was again? 

Niall: Oh, I'm sorry, I'm Niall Horan, well Niall, I don't think last names really matter now do they? 

James: Yes they do, I'm James Theo and that's my wife Kim Theo. 

Niall: *chuckles* My nephew's name was Theo. 

Kim: I'm sorry. 

Niall: It's ok, maybe I should go. I feel like I'm causing trouble here. 

Kim: Please stay. 

Niall: What? 

Kim: We may not have a lot on us, but at least we can all survive together. 

Niall: *stands in silence* 

Kim: It's ok, feel free to stay. *smiles* 

James: Just say thank you, that's all you have to say. *walks off* 

Niall: Wait James, you're right; I was pretty rude last night. I called for help, almost could have killed and ruined your guys hiding place. I barged into your home, at your food, and slept in your guys bed without introducing myself or saying thank you. So James, I apologize, but thank you for taking me in. 

James: *chuckles and walks off* 

Liam: *walks downstairs* Who are you? 

Niall: Oh, I'm Niall Horan, I came in late or should I say early this morning... asking for help. 

Liam: Ok, I'm Liam, thought I heard a voice in my sleep. 

Niall: Yeah, sorry, could have almost killed you guys, but didn't. 

Liam: Yeah, next time, please don't or I would seriously kill you before you stop me. 

Niall: *feels threatened* Yeah, but care to play video games with me? 

Liam: No, today's my workout day. 

Niall: You guys have a gym here? 

Liam: Are all blondes annoying like you? 

Niall: Um... no? 

Kim: He lost his girlfriend. 

Niall: I'm sorry. 

Liam: Get out my way. *annoyed* 

Harry: Hey. 

Niall: *turns around* Hey. *smiles* 

Harry: Slept well? 

Niall: *chuckles* Yeah, I did. 

Harry: I'm Harry Styles, the leader of this group. 

Niall: Niall Horan. 

James: You're not the leader, don't claim. 

Harry: I was supposed to, but yeah. 

James: No, just stop it.  

Harry: *gets mad* Whatever, but anyways, welcome to the group, don't hesitate with anything, nothing's ours, we all share and make yourself at home ok. 

Niall: Yep. 

Harry: Alright, I'll be in the shower if you need me. *leaves* 

Zayn: Something smells good. 

Kim: Come eat, where's Perrie?  

Zayn: She's coming. 

Perrie: Sorry, we kinda slept in late. 

Kim: *smiles and hugs Perrie* It's ok, come eat, breakfast just started. 

Perrie: Good, cause I'm starving. *laughs and sits down* 

Zayn: So tell us a little about yourself. 

Niall: *eating* Me? 

Zayn: Yeah, you, sorry I don't know you're name yet, 

Niall: Ok. *sits up straight* Hello everyone, wait, is this all of us? 

Perrie: *smiles* Yeah, six of us, plus you is seven. 

Niall: *looks around and count* Ok, well I'm Niall Horan, I'm Irish, um, my family got attack on the way home from fishing. I was lucky enough to had escape from the top window and um, I mean, not really to talk about myself anymore, but I do love to play guitar, it's my favorite thing to play when I'm bored and got... 

Kim: You should play for us sometimes. *smiles big* 

Niall: *chuckles* I would, but it would attract walkers nearby. 

Kim: That just means they're your fans and they love how you play. *chuckles* 

Niall: *laughs* I like you, you're funny. 

Kim: *laughs* Well thank you Niall. 

James: *fakes a cough* 

Kim: Right, um, is that all? 

Niall: Yeah, yeah, I mean nothing really special about me. *looks at zayn* 

Zayn: *smiles* Well, welcome to the group. 

Niall: *smiles* Thank you. *looks at liam* 

Liam: *annoyed/gets up and leaves* 

Niall: *quickly* Why do you hate me? 

Liam: I don't hate you, I just envy you. 

Niall: Why? For what? 

Liam: *leaves the table and heads into the garage* 

Niall: Excuse me. *walks into the garage* Hey. 

Liam: What do you want Niall, leave me alone please. 

Niall: Yeah, after you tell me why you envy me? 

Liam: Why? *looks at niall* Because the attention is on you Niall. 

Niall: What do you mean? 

Liam: They didn't approach me how they did with you. 

Niall: I'm sorry. 

Liam: Don't be! 

Niall: I just, I didn't mean to steal your spotlight, I just... 

Liam: You don't get it Niall! *tries to calm down* I never had one! *storms out the garage to his room* 

Niall: *slowly walks out the garage* I'm ok. 

Harry: You know, very few likes you, you should lay off a bit. *walks off* 

Niall: *looks at the group* 

James: *walks off* 

Kim: *smiles* It's gonna be ok, they were just thrown off by their sleep. *walks off* 

Perrie: Take it easy, I like you. *smiles and then walks off* 

Zayn: Just go with it, everything will be fine my friend. *smiles* Ok?  

Niall: Yeah. 

Zayn: *walks off*

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