Stop hurting me

" why don't you love me!" He screamed violently, clenching his fists.
" how do you expect me to love you when you keep hurting me!" I struggled to yell back. He through another punch at my head, and it all went black.

5. 5

After awhile of staring at the empty white walls the familiar squeaking of the door being opened filled the room. I kept my focus forward, and felt the end of the bed sink. A long silence filled the room. " baby girl?" Harry mumbled breaking the silence. " what?" I replied dryly, dropping my head back down into my lap. " I really am sorry" he whispered. I didn't answer. " um I found these" he said placing something at my side. I turned to look at what he put down to see an old of black jeans and a gray sweater, what I was wearing when he brought me here. He made me change because the outfit 'wasn't to his liking' I looked up at him to see him stare down at me with hopeful eyes. " you can shower, and put them on" he said with a small smile. Usually I would fight with him but, I was honestly dying for a shower. I unwrapped my arms from my knees and took the clothes into my lap. Looking at them for a while. " what do I have to do?" I asked knowing there was going to be some sort of catch. " be a good girl for me" he said. I sighed, closing my eyes as I nodded.

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