Harry Potter is Jesus

During a Christian studies class at school, my friend and I discovered that Harry Potter is Jesus.


1. Harry Potter is Jesus


1. Harry Potter died and was resurrected. Jesus died and was resurrected

2. Harry Potter was given to the Dursleys, just like Jesus was given to Mary and Joseph

3. Harry Potter helped others out, just as Jesus helped others out.

4. Harry Potter was the "saviour", Jesus was the saviour

5. Harry Potter is prophesied to give peace, Jesus was prophesied to bring peace

6.Harry Potter is hated by those that do not wish to believe that he is the one destined to defeat Voldemort, Jesus is hated for being God's follower and spreading His word

7. Three shepherds came to visit Jesus, Harry Potter was "visited" by the McGonagall, Dumbledore and Hagrid "the three shepherds."

8. Harry Potter had to battle Voldemort, who is Satan

9. Dumbledore looked out for Harry Potter, Dumbledore is God.

10. Hagrid was like a father to Harry Potter but not biologically, Joseph was like a father to Jesus but not biologically.

11. J.K. Rowling was a Christian and said that she didn't want to tell people that she was a Christian because she was afraid people would predict the ending.

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