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Layla is not an Emo. She isn't a Goth. She's just that different Bad Girl. More different than she thinks though. After a terrible accident, Layla is hospitalised and in a deep coma. Her aunt is worried, but what she doesn't know is that Layla has been chosen. She is the one to find The Sacred Lotus. While in her coma, Layla has been taken to the dreamworld and must complete the task and find The Lotus to return home to her aunt. I post a new chapter every week. Enjoy and don't forget to never eat blue kiwis!


4. Chapter 4- I'm going to call him pitchy

Chapter 4- I'm going to call him pitchy

Twigs snap in my face and spindly branches reach out and scratch my arms. I would protect myself from twit treacherous fingers but I am curling my body around Merlin as much as I can. He's so small and I feel responsible in a way.

Nel still has his hand on my back, steering me forward into the dense forest. and I would be lying of I said I liked it. I didn't know who he was and all of a sudden he jumps out and pushes me into a painful forest. Let's just say he hasn't really given me the best first impression.

"Why are you slowing down?" he demands as I start to run out of breath. "They won't think twice before shooting. Just move."

"Who won't think twice about shooting us?" I ask between breaths.

"I will explain later, now we just have to run."

We ran steady for another 10 minutes. Well, I say steady. For me it was more like run run trip run run trip. And a lot of frustrated huffs from Nel.

Soon, we reach a clearing with a stream that flows into a very small cave.

"Quick, they won't find us here." Nel runs ahead, jumping into the stream and climbing into the cave.

I hesitate, but one whimper from Merlin has me scrambling not-so-gracefully after Nel.

They say don't judge a cave from its mouth, but this one really is as small as it looks. Well, they don't say that...but you get the gist.

I felt something nudge my face in the darkness.

"Hey! get your foot out of my-" he slams his calloused hand over my mouth and stays still.

There are voices coming from outside. I feel tempted to peek but from the look on Nel's face, that would probably be the last thing I ever do, wether they see me or not.

"I thought you said you saw them come down here?" says a surprisingly high pitched male voice, with a malicious ring. I'm going to call him pitchy

"Must'a gone d'aan there." Says another voice, this one low and gruff. He will be grizzly.

"Well come on then!" Says pitchy.

We hear hurried footsteps and them silence. I move to get out of my cramped space but Nel holds me back.

"What now?" I snap. "I would like to leave. They've gone."

"Just wait." He says quietly.


"No!" I shout angrily at him.

"Fine" he replies calmly, grabs me by the legs and throws me over his shoulder.

The nerve!

He made us wait in that cramped cave for 20 minutes and poor Merlin was not getting enough air so then we got out, only to find that I apparently have to go with him to see someone or else.

I don't want to go anywhere. I just want to go home. But look where arguing got me. Hanging with the blood rushing to my head on the shoulders of some stranger.

"What do you want from me?" I demand.

"I don't want anything from you, or to do with you."

"Then why are you dragging me with you?"

He remains silent. Probably not seeming the reason to answer me. But my question was perfectly rational.

"Fine. Don't say anything. I don't care."

"Do you ever shut up?" he asks rhetorically.

I glare at him, stupidly forgetting that he can't see me.

"Nice view by the way." He adds.

I gasp at his crudeness and hit his back. He laughs and corrects himself,

"I meant that view." he sets me down, gentler than he picked me up, and I look up at the view he was referring to. It's magnificent.


Ohhhh cliffhanger!!! Well....sorta.

Update in a week. See you then. Feel free to comment what you want.

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