The Dept Life Pays

Layla is not an Emo. She isn't a Goth. She's just that different Bad Girl. More different than she thinks though. After a terrible accident, Layla is hospitalised and in a deep coma. Her aunt is worried, but what she doesn't know is that Layla has been chosen. She is the one to find The Sacred Lotus. While in her coma, Layla has been taken to the dreamworld and must complete the task and find The Lotus to return home to her aunt. I post a new chapter every week. Enjoy and don't forget to never eat blue kiwis!


1. Damn My Fat Bladder

Chapter 1- Damn my fat bladder. 

I hate Monday mornings. They are always the same. I always oversleep, rush to get ready and end up being late to school. Being as predictable as I am, I wake up and my clock reads 8:00 nice and clearly. Great. And to add to that, my bladder has decided to gain some weight. 

I rush to the bathroom to pee and brush my teeth. Running back into my room, I quickly slip in all my piercings and throw my newly dyed hair into a messy bun, surrounding it with bobby pins. I jump into the outfit I made up last night, knowing I wouldn't have time this morning. It consists of black distressed skinny jeans, a neon pink 'Flip-flop and Fangs' T-shirt and my studded black jacket. 

Of course, I have no time for breakfast, so I snatch the fruit bar my aunt Carmen leaves for me every morning off the counter and rush out of the door, quickly putting on my big, black, buckled boots on my way out. 

The drive to school is as fast as every other monday, but I still manage to miss registration.

I sigh as the clock in my car reads 8:59. I lock my car behind me as I sprint toward school, making a lot of noise with my clunky boots. Who doesn't love mondays?


Hope you all enjoyed the forst chapter of In A Bad Girl's Dreams. I have a good feeling about this one. ;)

Happy birthday y'all. Dont forget to not floss if you have no teeth. 


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