Back For You (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

"You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly"

Amber Tomlinson has lost everything. She's lost trust in others but most importantly in herself. She has found a new family, but she's not ready to let her guard down just yet, even though she feels completely safe around them. When she finds out their "secret" any trust she has in them disappears. Can she build a relationship with them again or will she forever feel lonely? He said he would always come back for her, so why should she be scared?


11. CHAPTER 10

Chapter 10

I can’t sleep. I’ve been lying in bed for over an hour, but I just can't. I decided to go downstairs and calm myself down for a bit. I went down the steps and out the front door, leaving it cracked a bit, so as not to lock myself out. I then took a seat on the front steps.
I could still see her face in my mind, staring at the screen in horror. I had never seen a person crumble so quickly. I knew Amber was fragile from when I first met her, and I can’t say we’ve done anything to make her feel better. Or safe.
I heard the door creak behind me, which made me jump. I turned to see her soft face staring back at me. I gave her a small smile as she walked out onto the porch and sat down next to me. She didn’t say a word, but I could tell she wanted to.
“Amber I—,” I started.
“Look Harry, I understand why you all kept it a secret from me, you wanted to protect me. But I’m tired of being treated like I’m weak, like I can’t take care of myself. I was just beginning to trust you all, but it was all wiped away tonight. I don’t even know who you really are, so how can I trust you?” she let out.
I sighed heavily, not exactly sure what to say.
“I forgive you for what you did, and I want you to tell the others that, but I’m not sure if I can fully trust you all yet,” she paused and thought before starting again, “I need some time by myself, so I would appreciate it if you gave me that time. Of course, I’ll still be living here, but I plan on getting a job, and maybe I can afford an apartment or something.”
I looked at her in shock.                                                        
“I feel like I’m a burden here, and I feel like I rely on you for everything. I want to be more independent, to venture out by myself,”
She slowly got up and began to walk towards the door.
I stood up quickly and grabbed her arm.
“You are not a burden,” I said forcefully.
She looked straight at me with her deep green eyes that matched mine, but hers you could just get lost in. I tucked a piece of stray hair behind her ear and her eyed flittered away.
“I should be getting back to bed,” she said quietly. She pulled away from my grasp and went inside.
I watched her intently as she walked up the stairs. I sat back down on the steps and thought over what she just said.
She didn’t trust us. Didn’t trust me.
I would just have to change that.
I felt a little better after talking to Harry last night. I had meant every word. I wanted to be more independent, I needed to start taking care of myself. I got up and went downstairs, I was a little surprised to see Simon sitting on the couch in the living room, but then I remembered it had been two weeks since he left. They had flown by so fast.
I cautiously took a seat next to him. He gave me a smile noticing my presence.
“Hello Amber, how’ve you been doing?”
I wasn’t sure how to answer his question. I had been doing just fine. Until last night. “Good,” I replied.
He nodded his head in approval.
“So, how are you related to One Direction,” I blurted out in an annoyed tone.
He looked shocked, “They told you?”
“Not exactly.”
“Well I’m the mastermind behind the band, they auditioned at my show X Factor as solo artists and I put them together,” he replied slowly, “I oversee most of the things they do.”
I nodded.
I turned my head to notice Louis running down the steps followed by Niall. I quickly rose off the couch.
“I was just about to go out to breakfast,” I told Simon, “I’ll be back later.”
I grabbed my wallet off of the table by the door.
“Louis?” He raised his eyes in anticipation, “Can I borrow your car?”
“Oh… yeah sure,” he replied. I then took his keys off the hook and went out the door.
Honestly I hadn’t planned to go out to breakfast, but I really didn’t want to talk to the guys so I figured why not? I hopped in Louis’ car and drove off down the street. After driving around for about ten minutes I found a small café and decided to stop there. I parked the car and walked in but not before noticing a “Help Wanted” sign on the window.
I backed up and started to read it. They were looking for some new workers and it said application were inside so I walked in and up to the counter where I found them in a stack. I took one and gave a small smile to the man working the cash register.
“Interested in the job?” he asked. He was around my age, maybe a year or two older.
“Maybe,” I replied, “Can I get a cappuccino please?”
“Sure,” he said punching in the order, “I’ll bring it to you when it’s ready.”
I found an empty table and sat down. I then began looking over the application. The hours weren’t too horrible, just a few nights a week and it seemed like it would pay reasonably well. I filled it out and by the time the waiter came with my drink I was finished.
“Here you go,” he said setting it down by me.
“Thanks again.”
“No problem,” he replied beginning to walk away.
“Oh! Excuse me, but where do I turn this in?” I asked referring to the application.
He walked back over and took the paper from my hand skimming it over.
“You want the job?” he asked looking up at me.
“Well, yeah that’s kinda why I—,”
“Then you got it,” he said, “You start tomorrow, I’ll be right back with your uniform,” he smiled.
I sat there happily sipping my coffee, surprised at how easy that was. He soon came back and handed me a bundle of clothes and a piece of paper.
“The paper has everything you need to know about your job, hours, what you have to do each day, etc. And here’s your uniform, I figured you were a size small so that’s what I got.”
I don’t know why but I felt my cheeks heat up at his statement.
“See you tomorrow,” he said walking away but quickly turning around, “My name’s Ashton, but you can call me Ash,” he put his hand out for me to shake.
I firmly shook it, “Nice to meet you Ash, I’m Amber.
He then returned to his place behind the counter and I grabbed my things and headed out the door. I got home and ran upstairs past the five boys in the living room, up into my bedroom. I slowly shut the door behind me. I threw my miscellaneous things on my bed and pulled out my uniform. It consisted of a red blouse with the café’s logo on it and a black pencil skirt. I tried them on and sure enough they fit perfectly. I folded them back up and placed them in a drawer. Then I headed downstairs.
I quickly resented my decision when I saw five faces staring at me expectantly, but I walked past them and continued down to the basement. I threw myself on a couch and popped in the closest DVD I could find, which ironically happened to be Toy Story.
“This is my all-time favorite,” said a voice from the door, I looked to see Liam standing there with a smirk on his face. I quickly looked away and continued watching the film.
“You can’t mad at us forever, Amber,” he said quietly taking a seat next to me.
“I’m not mad Liam,” I said sternly.
He chuckled, “Sure you’re not,” I glared at him. A little surprised he was taking this so easily.
“I’m just hurt.”
The smile on his face faded quickly, “I know and I’m sorry.”
“I forgive you, but like I told Harry, I’m not sure I can trust you all any time soon.”
“First of all, when did you talk to Harry? Second of all, I wouldn’t trust us either.”
“And why’s that?” I asked ignoring his question about Harry.
“Honestly I don’t know…,” he replied, a look of mock confusion on his face. I playfully punched him in the shoulder and he smiled.
“So what do I have to do?” he asked.
“What do you mean?”
“What do I have to do to get you to trust me?”
“I guess you’ll have to figure that out yourself,” I said smirking.
He sat there with a look on his face as if he were thinking.
“Actually, I don’t know much about you,” I said quietly, “And I try to make a habit of knowing the people I trust.”
“That’s a good habit to have,” he said slowly still thinking, “Oh! I know, how about you ask me anything. Anything you want. And I have to give you an honest answer,” he said with a proud grin.
“Okay…” I said hesitantly, “What’s your full name?”
“Liam James Payne, and you?”
“Hey, I thought I was the one asking the questions.”
He gave me an annoyed smile.
“Fine, fine, Amber Marie Tomlinson.”
“Okay next question.”
“What’s your favorite color?”
“Favorite movie?”
He slowly pointed to the screen.
“Ah, right I forgot. Mine is probably The Lion King.”
“Disney movies are just great,” he said.
I nodded laughing.
“Umm… do you have any fears?”
“Spoons.” He stated simply.
I burst out laughing, but stopped when I noticed he wasn’t laughing with me, “Wait, seriously?”
“Yeah,” he replied smiling.
I just shrugged.
“And what about you?” he asked, “Your fears?”
I gulped slowly. What should I say? I could just say spiders; that was true. But I was afraid of much more.
“Being abandoned,” I choked out, “Left alone.”
He looked at me with concern, he looked like he was going to say something but instead he enveloped me in a hug, which I gratefully returned. I cried softly and he rubbed my back.
Maybe I was wrong, maybe I could trust them. Or at least for now, Liam.
I pulled back and gave him a small smile as we relaxed on the coach and watched his favorite movie.

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