I bet you all know the stories. You know about the girl that said she had powers. Yeah, the one that you're thinking of right now. Haha, how do you know what I'm thinking? Well let's just call it intuition, but my thing is you don't know the whole story and it's my job to tell it...even if it is my own story.


1. The Girl

You know when people say she's special or she's different?  Well, that's been me all my life.  "Alex, sweetie it's time for school."  My mom yells from downstairs and I groan, "Yeah, yeah I'm coming."  Ok, let's just say everything got really bad when I left that morning.  So, where should I start...ah I know my name is Alex Knight and I guess you could say that I'm a faery.  Why is it spelled differently you ask, I have no clue why just that that's the way they spell it.  Ok, so back to  the story.  As I was leaving my room I looked at the mirror.  What I saw was not exactly what you would call normal.  I looked sparkly, with kind of pointed ears, with a bluish green swirling tattoo around the side of my face that kinda traveled down my arm.  All my life I knew I was different not like the weird kids that sit at that one table during lunch, I'm talking about the special kind of different.  Anyway, before I left my room I tried to cover everything with my hair and sweater.  Oh and did I mention my eyes are now a piercing blue instead of their dark chocolate brown.  As I ran down the stairs my mom called after me, "Don't forget the boy you used to play with as a kid is coming over for dinner, so dress nice. "  I had completely forgotten about that with all the stuff that had happened to me moments before.  "Oh..uh, yeah sure mom."  I replied before rushing out of the house.  Today was gonna be a long day. 

~Time skip to lunch~

"So as I was saying chicken fingers are way better than ribs."  I've been arguing with my friend Sam for almost the entire lunch on whether chicken fingers are better than ribs.  Of course I'm right though there's no way ribs are better than chicken fingers.  "Hey, Alex. I've been meaning to ask you something."  He looks at me intensely and I feel my cheeks heating up.  "Y-Yeah, Sam?"  "Where'd you get your new contacts?"  Contacts? Oh fudge cakes I didn't put them on today or I didn't have to 'cause of my new profound eyesight given to me when my eye color changed.  "O-Oh uh...I don't know my mom got them for me."  I am such a bad liar that a toddler could put me to shame.  He looks at me a little longer then just looks away and starts mumbling to himself.  Sam then proceeds to act as if I've broken his heart holding his chest and the whole sha-bang.  "Oh I can't believe that my dear Alex would lie to me.  I think I'm dying of a broken heart. The only way is for Alex to either tell me the truth or kiss me and make it better!"  Can you say over dramatic, but the way he looked as he said the sentence made it like he really he wanted me to kiss him.  Kinda like he was pleading with me to kiss him.  I stare at him and decide, against my better judgement, and tell him the truth.  "Ok, fine drama queen you asked for it.  As I was leaving this morning I noticed that I was sparkling with pointed ears and blue eyes with a freaking tattoo that starts from the side of my face and goes down to my arm or rather along my arm."  The words came out rushed, but he understood every word and just stared and stared and stared until the bell signaling that it was the end of lunch rang and everyone rushed to leave except us.  We sat there and stared at each other until Sam came over and kissed me.  He FREAKING KISSED ME!  I froze in place as he moved his hand behind my neck.  To be honest his lips tasted like strawberries and cafeteria food.  I started to kiss back when someone pulled him off me.  "Oh look a faery and a freaking elf making out.  Isn't that just adorable!"  As I look over to the voice and it's a the face of someone that I haven't seen in years.  Stephen.  Of course it just had to be Stephen.  'Cause ya know it couldn't be someone that I never even met or seen before.  "Wait, what do you mean elf?!?!"  Elf? ELF?!?! What the hell is going on?!?!  "Oh, the faery doesn't know yet.  Ha, that's probably why your mother asked me to come over for dinner.  She knew what was happening today."  I stood there for who knows how long until I was hauled over Sam's shoulder.  Sam ran through the halls till he stopped at the entrance of the school.  "Alex you have to leave.  Now!"  I jumped at the words, he's never spoken to me like that before.  By some magical force I opened the door, but before I left Sam grabbed my arm and pulled me into a hug, "Whatever you do don't trust him.  Okay, Alex?"  I nodded and left, well more ran home to my mom.  Yeah I know running home to mommy, but she's the one who comforts me when I'm scared or upset.  I ran and ran and ran, but then I stopped my house was right in front of me and yet it felt so far away.  Walking up the driveway was hard, I had been running really hard and breathing wasn't exactly easy at the moment.  That wasn't the only thing that made it hard though.  I remember it like it was yesterday, my front door was ajar and this eerie smoke was coming out of the small opening, like in those really bad horror movies when a baby alien is being born.  That's what the smoke looked like, and just like those stupid horror movies where you're yelling at them not to go into the house or closet or room, I do just that.  I walk slowly towards the door and call out for my mom, "Mom? A-Are you h-here?"  Yeah, I called out like they do.  The entire time I was thinking, "Of course she's not gonna answer dummy.  What if a murderer is in the house?  It's not like she's gonna call out saying, 'In the kitchen sweetie, I'm just making a sandwich for the kind gentleman who just broke in.'  God just focus on finding mom."  Man am I pathetic,  walking in here unprepared and defenseless.  "...lex..A...lex..."  I tensed at the sound of my name.  "Mom? Mom, where are you?"  I whispered, well more like said it normally so that she could hear me.  "Y-You ha...have t-t-to run.  I-I-It isn't sa*cough* safe."  What does she mean not safe, and everyone needs to calm down I'm gonna run in like a few seconds, sheesh talk about pushy.  Anyway, I crept slowly towards the kitchen and I saw my mom on the floor bleeding, but she had wings, the same tattoo but different and she was sparkling.  I stood mesmerized by her beauty until something caught my eye.  It was big, bulky, with horns, and just plain ugly and it was hovering over my mom.  The thing about this moment was that I don't remember exactly what happened, but all I do remember is running towards my mom, pain, and then darkness.  I always try to remember what happened after that, but it just hurts way too much because that was the last time I saw my mother alive.  Sorry for sounding so pathetic to you guys, but that's just how everything went down and if I could I would go back in time just so I could see my mom one last time.  But you and I both know powers like mine don't work like that.  For those of you wondering no this isn't the end of the story there is so much more to it, but I guess I'll just have to tell you when the time is right.  So just sit back and relax, you won't have to worry about me rushing because this story will take awhile and that's all the time I need, but for now let's just say that this is only the beginning.  


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