A year ago Kiyle Mcallister, was in a car crash and slipped into a coma. A year later Kiyle didn't know what to expect when she woke up at a hospital. All she could remember was her name and someone called Jace. Another thing she wasn't expecting were five boys sitting in the room with her. They claimed that their names were Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Louis, who say they're a popular boy band. What's her relationship with them? And who is Jace?


1. The Night of April 30th

Niall's POV

Blood. With every turn of the head, that's all you could see. The dark crimson covered the car. The car was in pieces. What happened? I remembered that me and the boys were heading back to Kiyle's flat. We were celebrating her Graduation. She just finished her Nursing Program.

Screams for help echoed around the car. The cold air nipped my face, causing me to panic. And the only one thought was running through my mind, Kiyle. I started to look around for her and the boys. I eventually spot all of them covered in blood. The boys looked like they all had broken at least something. I began to move, only to be stopped by the sudden pain in my arm. My arm had a huge gash in going from my hand to my elbow.

"Kiyle! Can you hear me!" Looking to my right, I see my best friend, remaining motionless. Her face was covered in the scarlet liquid. It seeped in her hair and dyed her golden brown hair into a ugly mud color. "Kiyle! Can you hear me!" I yelled again. I outstretched my free arm and grabbed her shoulder.

"Kiyle! Wake up! Please!" I begged. Tears formed in my eyes. I started calling her name for what seemed like forever when I heard someone moan.

"Niall.... What happened." I turned my head to where the voice was coming from. It was Liam's. "Liam! Your awake!" He started to rub his head. "Yeah... In bad shape though. I think I've dislocated my shoulder. And maybe broken my leg." He held his hand over his shoulder and looks at me with worry. He looks over at Harry and starts calling out his name.

Harry finally responded to Liam's calls. "Ugh... My head hurts." Liam and me started calling out the rest of the boy's names along with Kiyle's. Soon enough the boys all woke up. Kiyle on the other hand wasn't responding. Sirens started to fill the air, making my ears hurt.

"Move please! We need to get everyone out of the cars!"

Then a face appeared in front of the broken window. For once in my life, I was never happier to see a police officer. "How many is in the car?!And whose awake?!" He shouted. "We've got six here! All but one is unconscious!" Liam yells.

"Hang in there lads! We'll get you out soon!"


We eventually got pulled out from the car. We insisted that they pulled Kiyle out first. After they pulled all of us out. I rushed to her side as she was being loaded into the ambulance. "I'm sorry, but we only let family members ride on the ambulance."

"I'm her best friend! Her parents passed away two years ago. She lives with me and my family!" I declare. The EM's look at me with concern and finally nodded. "Alright, hop in." I step inside the ambulance and rush to Kiyle's side. The color in her face was so pale, that you could literally see through her skin. Her clothes were soaked in blood. Bruises started to form on her arms and face. The paramedics placed an oxygen mask over her face and inserted a IV in her arm. "She's lost a lot of blood." One of them says.

My he female paramedic looks at me and asks her name. "Kiyle."

The paramedic started calling her name out. It seemed like she called her name forever. By what seemed like the 20th time she called her. Kiyle's eyes opened up slowly and made eye contact with me first. Those turquoise blue eyes stared at me, with no emotion. She reached her hand out and placed it on my cheek. I grasped hers with mine and brought her hand to my lips. "Kiyle, can you look this way?" Kiyle looked to the paramedic and started asking her questions. I answered most of them. She hardly had the strength to speak.

"Alright Kiyle, one more question. Have you been hospitalized before?" She nodded her head.

"She goes every two months to get treatment for vitamin malabsorption."

Vitamin malabsorption is a vitamin deficiency, Kiyle's had it since she was very little. She has one of the rarest cases that doctors have ever seen. She lacks every vitamin in her system and has to take special medication and vitamins to support herself everyday. She goes every two months to get tests done and check her vitamin intake. I squoze her hand tighter, I'd seen what it done to her. It was something that she struggled with ever since I met her. She was the strongest person I knew. She never backed down at a challenge, but seeing her like this was something different.

Out of nowhere, her eyes rolled back into her head and her grip loosened on my hand. " She's just passed out!" The female paramedic exclaimed. The male came over and checked her pulse.

"Can we please step on it!" She had no sign of life in her face. She was expressionless, and it tore my heart. I loved seeing her smile, laugh, and have fun. But there she was lying in a bed, soaked in blood, on the verge of death. I held in the tears as the Paramedics rushed the driver to drive faster. That had to be the longest drive of my life.


We all sat anxiously in the waiting room. Everyone was pretty messed up. Liam had a broken shoulder along with 6 stitches in his mouth. Louis had a broken leg and dislocated hip. Zayn had a concussion and broken nose with 12 stitches along his head Harry had a broken his wrist and collarbone. While I suffered a broken arm. Kiyle on the other hand was in horrible condition.

She was rushed into emergency surgery as soon as the ambulance got here. I didn't get the chance to say goodbye before she left for surgery. We'd waited for 6 hours in that room and we were all starting to get impatient and worried. Before she was pulled into surgery, I remembered all the blood dripping off the bed as the nurses and doctors sprinted to the nearest surgical room. It dropped onto the cold tile floor, splattering in thick drops. That was something that would haunt me for the rest of my life. Now we waited, wishing, praying, hoping that Kiyle would make it. We'd done everything we could to keep ourselves busy. Watching Finding Nemo on Netflix, playing games on our phones, checking twitter for gossip. You name it, we did everything. It didn't help though, we were too busy thinking about what happened instead. Now we just sat and didn't say anything.

"How'd this happen?" Zayn asked quietly adjusting the ice pack on his head. I looked down at my feet and Louis shook his head. "I don't know mate, you were the one driving. Did you ever see what you crashed into?"

"I didn't crash into anything. I had my eyes on the road... I-It just happened so quickly. We were turning and all of a sudden a car drove right into us. The driver was on the wrong side of the road..." His words drifted off to a whisper. Hurt was in his voice and you could tell that he was doing his best to hold back tears. Louis stomped his foot in anger. "Damn it! Why did it have to be Kiyle?! It could've been me!" He threw the magazine across the room.

"Louis-" I start only to get interrupted. "How could this happen! We were celebrating Kiyle's big day! She's already been offered nursing jobs, and she's just graduated!" He stands up, and slams his fist against the wall. The force was so great, that a picture fell off the wall. "Louis! Stop it! You're gonna get us kicked out!" Liam snaps. Louis looked at him and scoffed "Kicked out?! That's what you care about right now? Our best friend is on the brink of death!"

"She's not on-"

"Liam! Did you not see her! She's in worse shape then all of us combined! And your worried about us being kicked out!" Liam gets up and grabs ahold of Louis shirt. "Be quiet! We're not the only ones here! Respect the other guests! We're not the only ones hurting here!" The anger in Louis eyes dimmed and he stayed silent. "We're all hurting here, Louis. But You have to realize we're not the only ones here mate." Louis sighed and apologized to us. He sat back down and stared at the ground. After Louis anger fit, we sat there in silence. Not doing anything, no one dared to make a sound. We had to have been there for another hour when a doctor came in.

"Excuse me? Are you waiting for Kiyle Mcallister?" We all stood up and gathered around the doctor. He was covered in scrubs and a medical mask hung over his shoulder. He had to be in his courtiers at least.

"Yes, we are." Liam nodded and the doctor continued shaking our hands.

"I'm Dr. Johns. The surgery was a success. I've got to say your friend is lucky to be alive, I'd never thought I'd see the day that someone with a severe case of vitamin malabsorption would survive with such severe injuries." He walked over to a light board hanging on the wall and pulled up some x-rays. He pointed to different parts of the x-rays and we couldn't believe our eyes.

"Shocking isn't it? She suffered two broken ribs, one broken arm, and broke her collarbone. She also lost 3 pints of blood. She's even tore her muscle in her arm and had to have over 50 stitches. I'd say she took the biggest blow of all of you. And she's in a coma." We didn't move a muscle. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop.

"C-can we go and see her?" I stutter. He nodded with a smile "yes, just be quiet. It's very late and we don't want to wake the patients."


Hi guys! So I decided to make another movella when I thought up this idea. Sorry if it was so long! But yeah. I hope you all like it! Thanks for reading! Comment and like (if you wish)

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