A year ago Kiyle Mcallister, was in a car crash and slipped into a coma. A year later Kiyle didn't know what to expect when she woke up at a hospital. All she could remember was her name and someone called Jace. Another thing she wasn't expecting were five boys sitting in the room with her. They claimed that their names were Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Louis, who say they're a popular boy band. What's her relationship with them? And who is Jace?


4. Home Sweet Home

Kiyle's POV

A couple of weeks had passed by and I was finally allowed me to exit the hospital. And so far I didn't remember anything, no matter how many times the boys visited me. It was weird having been told about things that I participated in, when I had no recollection of anything. From having sleepovers, vacations, and etc. I didn't think I would experience something like this. It's hard to imagine that you have five best friends that happen to be famous. I currently was being pushed in a wheelchair by Louis, I had no reason to be in a wheelchair, the doctors insisted on placing me in a wheelchair until I got to the car for safety precautions.

"Kiyle? Is there anything you want to do before we go home?" I turned my head back to him only to be greeted with a smile. "I-I don't know." I stammer. He just smiles and continues to wheel me to his car. "W-where are the rest of the boys?" He smiles and pats my head "they're at work, trying to write some new songs for their new album. I volunteered to come pick you up, Eleanor wanted to see you again." I made a confused look and he smiled again "Eleanor, is my girlfriend, you hung out with her a lot before the accident." I started to twiddle with my thumbs nervously, the boys had been so depressed when they found out I didn't remember them. Was it going to be the same with Eleanor? Of course it is. That's hardly even a question, what person isn't going to be sad when they found out you don't remember them? Louis assisted me into the car and the nurse came by the window and gave me some notes regarding medication and other items. After much discussing, the nurse finally allowed us to leave. And with a nod goodbye, Louis was already half way out of the parking spot and started to drive away.


Louis POV

Kiyle didn't talk much as I drove back home. She twiddled with her thumbs nervously, something that she always did when she felt anxious, scared, or guilty. I felt like I needed to talk, but what would I talk about? She couldn't remember anything. What point would there be if I talked about something fun when she can't remember enjoying it? The silence continued for a while as I made my way through traffic. I noticed a couple of times that she grabbed her head and started to wince. "Are you okay, love?" I ask with concern. She glances at me in surprise and nodded her head. "Yeah I'm fine... My head just hurts a little."

"Do you need some Tylenol? I have some in the dashboard compartment."

"N-no, I'm fine... Thank you though."

"You sure aren't talking much. Not like you." I chuckle under my breath. She tilted her head in confusion "d-did I talk a lot before the accident?" I bust out laughing at her question, which cause her to jump at my sudden reaction. "Sorry, I didn't mean to make you jump." I began "you were the most talkative person I've ever met, that's saying a lot. Niall is the chatterbox of the group." She smirked at my statement as she tucked a piece of hair behind her ear. "What were some things I talked about?"

"The usual, food, school, music, books. You did talk a lot about YouTube. You'd never keep your mouth shut on that subject." She chuckled at my statement We were halfway there when Kiyle decided to talk. "Can I ask you a question?" I smiled "sure."

"my parents passed away a year ago right?" I blanked out at her question. "Louis?"

It felt as if the air was sucked right from me. I couldn't breathe and I started to crumble inside of my thoughts. Out of all the things to ask, why was it this one? Everything went silent and I started to space out. I had forgotten what I was doing when Kiyle started to scream my name.

"Louis!" She suddenly leaned over to me and grabbed the steering wheel and veered out of traffic. Car horns blasted along with people sticking their heads out of the windows and shaking their fists at me. I didn't pay attention though

"LOUIS! STOP THE CAR!" I snapped out of my delusion and slammed on the brakes. I could hear the tires screeching against the blacktop and swerved into a parking lot of a fast food restaurant. Without making an effort I realized that I had parked into a parking space. When everything was perfectly still I looked

"Louis! You about hit that car!" I looked over at her and saw beads of sweat covering her forehead. "Louis! You almost smashed into that car! You almost killed us!"

Remembered? Did that mean she just remembered something from her past? If so, why was she remembering her parents death? That event was so traumatic for Kiyle that she never was the same for a year. She hardly came out of the house, she ate only when we came over, she hardly did anything when we weren't there. We were the only family she had left, and she swore that she would do anything to protect us. Even if that meant sacrificing her own life for ours.

She looked at me with fear. Those blue eyes that I had grown to love when I was a young boy. Those eyes were once filled with love, happiness, trust, and friendship. They were now filled with frustration, fear, and confusion. I cleared my throat and grabbed ahold of her hand.

"Are you okay?" She seemed to jump back at my question. "Y-yes . . . I-I'm alright." She pulled her hand from my grasp and went back to sitting quietly. "Kiyle, your parents died two years ago."

"So I was right?" I nod my head and park the car. It started to rain, and without any hesitation I turned on the windshield wipers. The silence seemed to intensify in stress and I started the car again, when she grabbed my hand.

"Wait!" I look back at her and she had more questions and confusion lingering in her eyes, "h-how did they die?" Out of all the questions she could ask, how was I going to answer this one?

" . . . I'm sorry . . . But I can't answer that right now . . ."


"It's too hard to explain, I'm sorry love... But I can't right now. Maybe when your accustomed to everything..."

The questioning faded from her eyes and she drew her hand back. She sat back in her seat and kept quiet. I started the car again and made my way back to Harry's mum's house.

Woo! Holy cow! 4 chapters already? What?! Anyway, thanks for the comments and good reviews so far ! I'm hoping this movella will gain more good reviews! Anyway! Hope you are all having a fantastic summer so far! I know I am! See ya in a few!


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