Illegal Love

Alex is your typical high school student. Loves to be with friends, play music, does well in school, but somethings changes when his family gets a new neighbor. Jack Barakat and his boyfriend move next door, and Alex gets a little too comfortable with their new neighbor.


13. Chapter Thirteen

Jack roamed his hands up and down my waist, making my skin go hot. He pushed his body into mine and kissed me deeply, slotting our lips together. He tightened his grip around my thighs, forcing me to wrap my legs around his hips. I kept my hands around his neck, keeping our lips together. Our breathing was getting heavier and my skin was going hot. He started to kiss my jaw and down my neck. I pushed my hips up to keep the friction between us. “Alex,” he moaned, but it sounded distant. “Alex.” he said again, but this time it didn't really sound like him. “Alex.” I heard again before I got that feeling that felt like I was being pulled from a dream, like the sucking feeling that take over your body just before you wake up.

“Alex.” I heard the voice finally say. I opened my eyes being blinded by the light coming in through the window of the classroom. “Alex, are you listening?” I moved my head, looking at my fourth period teacher. 

“Yeah, sorry. I was up late last night.” I told her making an excuse. It wasn't a total lie though. I was up kind of late at Jack's house after my parents left. Our light make out session turned into one of our really touchy make out sessions. I was really starting to give into him, but something always pushed him back. He never forced himself though. He always stopped when I told him too, no matter how frustrated he seemed, and me to be completely honest. I really wanted to go farther with him, but I don't think I was completely ready. Besides, we’ve only been together a short time.

“Don't do it again.” my teacher said, and went back to the front of the class to continue the lesson. It was kind of hard not to do it again when I was always thinking about it. This is why I hated being a teenager. Sometimes the simplest things can turn me on, especially if you have a hot boyfriend that knows how to make your skin turn hot. I was just happy that it's Friday, so I can go over to Jack's since my parents are gone for another weekend. 

The bell rang, signaling class was over, and I don't think I got out of there fast enough. I dropped my stuff off at my locker and told Rian and Cass I would met up with them on Monday. Kenadie picked me up and drove me home. 

“By, Ken, I'm going to Jack's.” I told her quickly, and tried making it out of the car before she pulled me back in my my arm. 

“Alex, wait.” she said and made me stop. “Your spend a lot more time with Jack these past couple months.” sighed and rolled my eyes, looking at here. “Are you sleeping with him?” I groaned. 

“No, Kenna. I'm not. Why do you care anyway? You’re the one that was all happy about this in the beginning and you supported me. Why is that changing now?” she shrugged and started talking again. 

“I know. I still do and I know that I'm the party girl, but your my little brother who is dating an older guy. I just wanna know that you’re safe and nothing happens to you.” I guess that made sense. 

“Fine, but I'm not sleeping with him. He’s never forced me to do anything. We are doing another guitar lesson today though, so I need to go.” she nodded and let me go. I hate that she worries so much. Shes starting to turn into my mom. 

“Wear condoms.” she yelled out the window laughing at me. That's more like my sister. I turned around smirking and flipped her off. I got to Jack's door, just walking in like always. He was on the couch watching TV. I came in and sat next to him. 

“Hey,” he said and kissed my cheek. “How was school?” he asked me and turned down the TV. I just shrugged. “Oh, come on. You're a teenage boy, there has to be something going on at high school.” I rolled my eyes and smiled. He’s really resistant. 

“Okay, umm,” I paused thinking of something. High school really wasn't all that interesting. “a girl hit on me the other day.” I smirked at him. He gave me a confused look. “What? I'm not out remember? You, my sister, my friend and his girlfriend are the only people that know. She came up to me and kept doing that flirty arm touchy thing and smiling and she was nice.”

“Was she cute?” Jack joked and smirked. 

“Haha, you're really funny.” I punched his arm lightly. “She was pretty, but not really my type.”

“Really? Than was is you type?” now he was just flirting. I don't know why, he already has me. 

“Well, I prefer them to have more… manly parts to them, like, shoulders.” he gave me a weird look.

“Shoulders?” he laughed a little.

“Yeah, and I like them tall, skinny, but a cute tummy. I'm a sucker for eyes,” I stopped and started looking at him. “I like it when they are funny. They have to like the same kind of music as me.”

“He sounds pretty perfect.” he said and glanced at my lips. 

“Yeah, sucks that he doesn't exist.” his Jaw dropped. “I'm kidding,” I joked with him still. “I also, prefer his name to be Jack.” I smiled and bit my lip. Jack got closer to me and kissed my lips. 

“Good, because I really like this boy named Alex.” he smiled and kissed me again. I cupped his face with my hands and kept him in place. He started to rub my thighs, but not really touching me, just kissing instincts. It started to make me feel a little nervous. I pulled back smiling at him. 

“Guitar?” I questioned, he nodded and got up going to get two guitars for us. He came back handing me the basic tan one, but kept the pretty shiny on to himself. “Hey, maybe I wanna use the shiny one.” I fake pouted at him.

“Can you be anymore gay?” he joked and smirked. I pretended to be sad and pushed my bottom lip out at him. “I'm sorry.” he said and kissed the pout. “Do you wanna use the shiny one?” I shook my head no and got in a more comfortable position holding the guitar. “You’re such a dork.” he said, kissing my cheek. “So what so do you want to learn? I wrote down a list of songs that use the chords I already taught you. I was thinking maybe I can teach you a song now.”

“Yeah, that’d be cool.” I said and looked at the list that he laid out on the table. There were a lot of good songs, but one really stood out to me. “Don’t Leave Me.” I told him. 

“Good song. it's only a few chords.” he said. He put his guitar on his lap, making sure it was tuned. He told me to follow along once I figured out what he was doing. It didn't take me that long, I think even Mark, from Blink, said that it was one of their easier songs to play. I took me maybe two hours to fully get what I was doing. I was still a little rough around the edges, but I wasn't that bad. Jack though, he was amazing. 

We eventually stopped playing and just sat around together, sharing quick kisses here and there. It was another make out session that had my head spinning. He was sitting back against the couch and I was in his lap with each of my legs on either side of him. His hands were on my hips and I could feel his thumb brush along that small stripe of exposed skin just above my pants. His hands slowly creep farther under my shirt. I start doing the same, slipping my hands up his shirt from underneath it. His skin was so warm and soft. I roamed my hands around his waist, pulling myself closer to him so our chest were touching. 

I stopped kissing his lip and went to his neck instead. I kissed and nibbled on the soft skin, I heard moans that he was trying to hold back in the back of his throat. I could feel his breathing against my ear and the rise and fall of his chest. I lent back a little, unwrapping my arms from around his back and sat back on his thighs. I started kissing him against and playing with his belt. He didn't stop me until I undid his belt and started to work on the button and pull his zipper down. He pulled away from me and held my wrist, making me sigh.

“Alex, I don't think we should.” he said, giving me a sympathetic look. I slouched a little on him feeling kind of embarrassed that I even thought about it. I looked down not really wanting to make eye contact with him now. “Hey,” he said, getting my attention back and made me look at him. “I just don't want you to do anything you’ll regret.”

“But what if I want to do it?” I asked. He sighed and shook his head. 

“I don't know, Alex, not now.”

“I’ve put a lot of thought into it and… I'm fucking 16, almost 17, I can handle it.” I tried pleading with him. I don't know why now I really wanted to sleep with him, but I did.

“Alex,” he sighed again and laced his fingers with mine. “I just think that we should wait a little longer.” I guess he was right. He was also probably worried about sleeping with a minor. If we ever got caught, it would be bad news for the both of us. I nodded and looked down at our hands. Even not sleeping with him, he always gave me this weird butterfly feeling deep in my stomach. I second later, I felt his lips press against mine. I kissed back, taking in the sweet taste that he always had. I felt my phone buzz in my pocket a minute or so later. 

I shifted around and pulled out my phone checking the text. It was Kenadie telling me that our parents were on the way home. “I have to go.” I said to him, giving him a sad look. I kissed him and got off his lap. I turned to him seeing him zip up his pants and adjust his belt back up. He walked me to his door, bending down a little and kissing me again. 

“I’ll see you,” he said, and smiled. 

“Oh, before I go, my family is having a Thanksgiving dinner next week and I wanna know if you could come over and eat with us?” I asked him feeling kind of hopeful. 

“I don't know. I know your parents kind of hate me, so I don't really wanna test my chances.” I sighed. “Plus, I don't know if I could really be around you for dinner without kissing you.” he added making me blush. He kissed me again and finished talking. “I’ll try and make it okay? If your parents will let me over.”

“Okay.” I told him. I gave him a hug, which we never really did too much of. Usually it was just kissing. “I’ll text you later.” after that, I was left again, going home. If Jack comes over for Thanksgiving, it’s going to be one hell of a time, but I was determined to make my parents like him.

Okay, so I didn't edit a whole lot on this. If you notice anything major, I will eventually fix it, but I really wanted to get it out to you all. Also, I'm not going to be able to post anything this weekend for this story or for my other Jalex story “Brotherly Love” (which you should check out) because I'm housesitting for my aunt and she doesn't have internet ._. sorry guys, but it does give me time to write. 

Also, sorry for that time jump in there. There wasn't really much to say and I wanted to keep the story going even though this was kind of a filler so I didn't just too much at one time. 

​Please let me know what you think <3​​​​

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