Counting the hours,

When the sunset falls...suspition rises. As when the twelth hour dawns, something is waiting in the darkness. For someone, anyone, and now its Toni's turn. In Wellsville every second counts, because every hour is fatefull. Theres disapperances...lots of them, but not just of people, buildings, animals, farmland. Leaving gaping holes in their wake. What will happen when the timeless well disappears? Will a significant turn be uncounted? As Toni fights for freedom will she discover the truth that she had been hiding all along, all is revealed in the eyes of her new neighbour. Amber Wells...


1. Dawning midnight,

All over town the echo of bells is carried in the wind, dawning the twelth hour, the curse had alredy begun. Pitch blackness was portraid by the lack of soulfull moon, yet if you looked very carefully a white illumination of fog could just be made out by the eye. Silence was not the word, because even as it was quiet, the atmosphere was defaning. Every house, on every street, just a shillouette in the distance. All blinds shut, all lights off, no-one was to be seen. That was apart from the slight glow of a top floor window, in it a face protruding a curious glance. A teenage girl. As nobody knew as Toni Herring, but as the eye. The only one brave enough to take a glance at the twelth hours waking, the only thing seperating them, a pane of glass. She knew that, of course, but what she didnt know, was that she was next...

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