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  • Published: 26 Mar 2014
  • Updated: 26 Mar 2014
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Do not waste your life. Go out and live it and have fun!

(One shoot)


1. Dreamer?

I am a dreamer, but what is a dreamer?

Is it a happy thing, is it something beautiful, or is it life itself? No, it is a person who are slowly dying dreaming about everything instead of living his own life, he is spending so much time dreaming and staying at home instead of going out and have fun. I am that guy, I am a black hole who is fading away and no one cares because I have no friends, no family or girlfriend, I will rather die than to live this miserable life, is it wrong to feel this way? Am I insane? Or is it just this way it is supposed to be? And important of all, are YOU a dreamer? Because if you are then let me tell you a secret, dreams are not true, dreams are pictures in your head. But you can make them real, go out and make them real, don't make the same mistakes that I did. I am 87 years old, and I am slowly dying of cancer, don't die like me, because I regret it. I regret dreaming instead of living, and this is everything I have learned from my life, so go out and live.

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