The Fallen

A short Imagine of the first jumper a few generations before Tris Prior.


1. Chapter One

"My name is Tyler and I will be your trainer. This is the only way into Dauntless." Tyler gestured torwards the edge of the building we were standing on. "Who would like to go first."

All of the new initiates' eyes widened as they took a few steps back. The Dauntless-Born however, looked at eachother excitedly.

"Hang on, lets see if any of the new initiates have the courage to jump first." Tyler warned the group of Dauntless-Born.

This is my chance. I thought. I can prove that Amity are not fearful. But I'm not really Amity, not anymore.


I think back to the the previous day when Grayson from Candor told me what I expected to hear: "Your results show that you would have the most success in Amity." I smiled at him and thanked him, then I headed back to my house, thinking it over.

I might be successful in Amity, but I just don't feel like I fit in there. I don't care what my test said. No, I don't want to leave my family, but I'm just not happy there. I need more excitement in my life... I know what I have to choose.


I step forward and Tyler smiles at me, "What is your name?" I tell him my name and he introduces me to the rest of the initiates.

The icy wind blew through my long ginger hair as I stand on the ledge of the building. The group of new initiates shift from foot to foot silently behind me; the Dauntless-Born initiates whispered among themselves.

I take a deep breath, not sure if I am brave enough to jump, my test, after all, had not been Dauntless. But this is what I want. And I would not let anyone stop me.

My hands shake, when suddenly the Dauntless-Born initiates stared to yell, only making me more nervous. I focus on lowering my heart rate and could hear what the other initiates were actually saying. "Come on! You got this!" I smiled to myself, knowing that no matter what, this is where I belong.

With on last breath, I silently and gracefully stepped over the edge, ready to hit the bottom.


With a jolt, I sat up and hear my mother soft voice coaxing me out of my bed. She turns around, her silky brown hair falling gently over her shoulder. When she sees how hard I'm breathing, she asks, "What were you dreaming about, sweetheart?"

A grin takes over my face as I simply say, "Today."

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