Locked doors

It's ...............……about….………..........a..................GIRL:-/

1. Doors

There was once a girl who loved to pick locks , Her name was picklocket . She knew how to pick any locks . Why she do it? Just out of curiosity . What they moved in a new house , her mother warned her to never pick the lock of the basement door or she will regret it . One night ,despite the warning she was just too curious and wanted to what was down there so she decided that when her parents went to sleep she would pick the lock and go down the basement . When it was exactly 2 o'clock her parent were asleep and she slowly crepted out of bed and silently went to the basement door . The house looked hounted at night and when she came close to the basement door she heard some weird voice coming from the basement but she couldn't understand what it was saying so she put her ear on the door and heard a woman's voice wispering "open the door" , she immediately thought of running away but she had to know what was in the basement so she took her hairpin and used it to open the lock . When the door was unlocked she slowly opened it saw that no one was standing there . She tried calling out but no one answered , she opened the light and went down and saw that there was no one there . She started to look around to find anything ,and when she was looking behind boxes she saw a woman lying there and was stabbed all over . She was about to scream when someone grabbed by the hair and threw her to the ground . She looked up and saw it was her mother "I told you not to go to the basement " ,she was holding a knife that had blood on it . "I'm sorry mom , I promise I won't tell anyone " she begged . "It's to late ".

                                                And the door of the basement closed .CLICK!


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