When Leah is in An car accident she thinks her life is over but her life is turned around by a volunteer of which she falls in love with


1. The Accident

Leah's .P.O.V.

It was Saturday mine a dads night as usual we went to joes I got my usual raspberry ripple chocolate and strawberry trio (which surprisingly doesn't make me gain weight ) and a chocolate milkshake dad always got the same thing a coffee milk and two sugars once we finished we started home that was when it happened it was so fast yet seemed so slow Robert Calivuani a ex convict who dad put away for brutally murdering his family drove right into us

Dad tried to move to the other lane but we were to slow he got hit in the side of the car where he was sitting it all went black

*The Hospital *

I woke up being held down and sedated while I was screaming "DAD NO DAD YOU CANT LEAVE ME " *I blacked out *

When I woke up I went to get out of the bed but I couldn't move my legs only my arms is screamed " WHAT HAVE YOUSE DONE TO ME " Nurse

run in and said "you've been paralysed from the waist down" wait what my dreams are ruined dreams of being a somebody were now shattered as well as my confidence "Leah ,Leah as I was saying you will be using a wheel chair and will be using therapy for your health and grieving

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