For a reason..

Stella had been through more in her short life than most could ever imagine. Often looked at as a quiet girl with no hope, she finds her self drifting to solitude, that was until she found herself lost in a world that no one alive on earth had ever seen. Her witty personality comes out as she embarks on a journey of magical and surreal proportions.

"I don't care for a lot of things! I don't care for brutally cold weather, yet I live in Ohio. I don't care for people who post their drama on FacePage and get mad when you give them your opinion and yet like a bad car accident, I log in everyday to take a look. I don't care for people that feel that they are above everyone else and yet I still go to work everyday for the same person that makes my skin crawl when she walks into the room. I don't care for a lot of things, Matthew Porter. I don't care for you and yet, here I am trying to make you see how beautiful you are and why your life is meaningful."


1. indroducing me.


  I may never understand why one of my feet is slightly longer than the other. 

                                             why my yorkie-poo thinks sleeping on my head is the better option.

                                              why my neighbors mow their lawn at 7 a.m. every Saturday.

                                             why every time I want milk, it's spoiled.

                                             why people at the bus stop are so loud.

                                              why I have to work on a Saturday.

                                              why my boss seems to be menstruating everyday of the year.

                                              why I get annoyed so easily.


  Those are things I was likely never meant to know the answers to.  The little things.  You know, the things that don't matter.  


I may never understand why at 19 years old, I'm working full time instead of attending college.

                                         why my mother died suddenly of a brain aneurism when i was 16.

                                          why my father was committed to an institution when I was only 8.

                                          why no family has bothered to check on me in one year and 24 days.


They say, everything in life happens for a reason.  You take the good with the bad and it will all work out exactly the way it's suppose to.  I'm Stella French.  I live in the same house I grew up in on 6544 Meadow Ridge Road.  I live with my puppy Carmen in a cul-de-sac bordering the Meadow Ridge River and Meadow Ridge Falls.  My life has endured much tragedy and sadness.  I tend to stay to myself other than when I'm working at a local graphic design firm as a secretary.  Part of me feels that connecting with other humans would not be the best choice as I'm likely jinxed.

Maybe it's all in my head, but anyone and everything I've ever been close to as left me.  It's not a bad life with Carmen.  We go on walks, watch movies, and when i'm working she rules the house.  Everything is a-ok.  

Still-- something feels as though it's all about change. 




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