adopted by harry styles

a wonderful young 18 year old girl called Ruby gets adopted by harry styles but what if she has a crush on Niall what will the band do split up or survive



I walked down the empty hallways of the Orphanage I wonder why miss Daphiglo wanted to speak to me I have not done anything wrong I smoothed my long blonde hair as I opened the door. Miss Daphiglo sat me down and said I would be adopted I squealed with joy "By who?"

before she could answer a curly haired man came in I stared in is Emerald green eyes it was Harry Styles! I tried to be calm and not go all fan girly on him. I managed to say hi or more like sing his deep raspy voice let out a chuckle it was dark and mysterious "Hi as you probably know all about me I would like to get to know about you?" he said. "Hi um my names Ruby my faverouite colour is light blue faverouite band is yours I am 18 and from Cheshire."

He stared at me wide eyes as if to say wow "Right get packing!" my whole face light up,

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