What would happen if Tris came back. Would they have a child? Maybe twins? Who knows!


3. Chapter three

Chapter three
I woke up. First words that came to my mind? Choosing Ceremony. I got dressed in my usual Dauntless black. I'm staying. This is were my parents are. This is were the fun is. I'm staying. We went to the Hob. I'm still not nervous for some reason. It's weird. When I heard my name being called I was actually exited! Mostly because Willow picked Dauntless! I grabbed the knife. I'll have some fun. What would they think about Amity. I cut my knife over the Amity bowl. I could see everyone in shock but I was standing there smiling. Then at the last second I jerked my hand to the coals and let my blood sizzle on them. I heard a sigh of relief. Probably from the Amity. There may or may not be some history with me and Amity. I walked over to the sea of black. All of them cheering over my bravery of doing that. When the ceremony was over there were 9 transfers. 
From Erudite: James, Donna, Susan, Owen
From Candor: Rachel, Chris, Hanna, Drew
From (surprisingly) Amity: Carol
I already could tell Carol and I would be good friends. She looks like me, she sounds like me, she has a personality like me, she's awesome! We both have the same brown-blond hair, same bright green eyes, it's like she's my twin! When we got on I was glad she made it. She was actually pretty fit. She sat in a corner an although everybody was squished no one went he way. I made my way over with Willow. "Hi I'm Scarlet!"
"Woah," said Willow.
"What," I replied. 
"It looks like I'm seeing double. You two look exactly alike."
"Well that big mouth lump next to me is Willow." Than in a whisper loud so Willow could hear "Her mother was Candor so she was born a big mouth. " Carol laughed. "It's so much cooler here than in Amity. I left because I could stand the happiness anymore."
"Ha. If you think this is cool wait for the compound. Oh and to get in you have to jump in a pit. There's a net under. Jump first. You'll get recognized, Willow and I will jump down after you. Don't worry it's fun."Once we got there Carol seamed fine with 1: jumping of a moving train and 2: being first jumper. We walked over near the doors. "Don't think just jump!" I yelled as I jumped onto the roof. Carol following me. We walked to were Max was. Carol stepped up. Good.
"Oooh look the softie."said that stupid Erudite James.
"Call her that one more time and I will break your nose. "
"Stickin up to the softie now are w-" he couldn't finish because I well… broke his nose. Carol jumped with me and Willow after "dare you to do a flip off the roof," said Willow. "50 points," I replied. I walked to the ledge and faced the idiotdite James. I gave him an army salute and flipped off. "You owe me 50 points Willow!" I yelled at her. Then I felt a net and a familiar hand. The hand of dads. "Welcome to Dauntless sweetheart," he said to me pulling me out just in time for Willow to nearly crush my hand with her butt. "Nice job Carol," I said to her. "Thanks but now it's Car." I gave her a smile. Well I am officially Dauntless. 


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