What would happen if Tris came back. Would they have a child? Maybe twins? Who knows!


1. Prologue

Tobias's POV

My Tris. Dead. No I won't believe it, I can't. I am watching her beautiful body lie still. I lean over to kiss her. Her lips are hard and cold. Until she wraps her arms around my neck and kisses back! "Tris,"

"yes Tobias?"

"How- how did you- but you were, bu."

"Tobias speak English please"

"you were, you were dead!"

"your playing with me Tobias,"

"no really! That's why your in a coffin!"



"you know we could have some fun with this,"

she smirked "yes we can."

We walked out me carrying her. I found Christina. "What are you doing with Tris?"

"she wanted to say goodbye." Christina must have bought it because she was hugging 'dead Tris'. Than just as planed Tris yelled out "BOO!" as loud as she could in Christina's ear.

Christina screamed so hard Zeke heard from the cafeteria. By the time we got here Christina was breathing VERY heavily and me and Tris were on the floor laughing. "Tris you little, ugh! Your lucky I didn't kill you, OH MY GOSH TRIS I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD! Tris oh my go- "Okay," interrupted Tris "are you mad? Or happy?" I was so glad to have my Tris back!

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