The love of my life * Complete *

I've been dating Justin for a year now and it's our anniversary. Justin makes me feel like a queen and I'm so appreciative of him. He is the love of my life and I couldn't ask for more.


21. Vacation

After she slapped him Justin's security guards took her away from the hotel. Justin ran over to me and hugged me. 

Justin- I'm sorry

Kim- Don't be. 

I lifted his chin and kissed him. He pulled my hips closer to him and he pulled away. He hugged me and we went back up to the hotel room. He called scooter and told him to never let Selena near anyone in the crew. He then called someone and told them to book a bedroom for a 3 day stay. Where was he going? He was leaving me? 

Justin- Babe I want you to pack we're going away for 3 days then coming back for the concert. I wanna get away from all the drama and I just when spend time with you.

I gasped and jumped into his arms. I kissed him and then went to pack. A helicopter was coming to pick us up. When I was done packing justin got a call. 

Justin- Alright we'll be on the roof in 2 minutes. Ok thank you oh and can you please tell john to set up a dinner on Tuesday cuz it's my girls birthday. K thank you bye. 

He was taking me out for my birthday. How amazing! I didn't wanna let him know I knew so I just played along. We got to the roof and boarded the helicopter. We were on the helicopter for 18 hours. When we landed we got to a resort. I looked at the name and it was in PR ( Puerto Rico. Where I am from.) but how that would've taken two days. I didn't really care I was just so happy to be with justin. We walked in and went to our room. It had a hot tub. We had a really great view. I was so happy to be away from all the drama and be with the love of my life. 

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