The love of my life * Complete *

I've been dating Justin for a year now and it's our anniversary. Justin makes me feel like a queen and I'm so appreciative of him. He is the love of my life and I couldn't ask for more.


2. The beach

Justin's P.O.V 

" You look so beautiful babe " I said as I looked at Kimberly in her beautiful dressed. " Thank you baby, and you look so handsome. " she said as she looked in my eyes. I led Kimberly to a table lit with candles. " Everything looks so great baby, thank you, but you know I hate u spending so much money on me." Kimberly said as she sat down. " Babe relax you are my baby, my everything, my queen and I'm going to make sure tht I do everything to make u happy. " 


Kimberly's P.O.V

Just went so out on our date and it makes me feel bad since I can't do the same for him. " Babe, I love you. " " I love you too baby. " He said. After we finished eating we took a walk along the beach and we just talked about how we couldn't ask for anything better than this night. After our magical date, Justin and I got in his car and drove to his house. 


Justin's P.O.V 

Things were going so well and I didn't want it to end so we hopped in my car and drove to my house. As we arrived the house was empty and this was the perfect time to spend all the time I can with Kimberly. " Let's go upstairs babe and settle down." " K baby lets go. " as we went upstairs we settled in.

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