Chose your faction


1. ØNE

I walked down the stairs and sat down. I had done my stimulation and she said I was either erudite or dauntless. I was certain to pick erudite. My mom told me if I'm not going to stick in abnegation, at least join the erudite. I didn't want to disappoint her and I had no problem picking them. They were good people and they have been like family since the beginning of time.

"Katy Withers." The man says and I half jog half walk up to the small stage. I graced the knife and quickly drew a straight line over my palm to get if over with. Like ripping off a band aid. I drew in my breath as I lay it over the erudite bowl. Dd I really want to do this? I let my breath go when the drop fell from my hand. "Katy Withers, Dauntless." All the dauntless cheered but the abnegation were shocked. My mom and dad's hands here intwined, having a look of disappointment and sadness. I smile my last smile at them before I ran out with all of them.

We arrived at dauntless head quarters and had to jump off of the roof but to my surprise, there was a net at the bottom.

I had made a small group of alliance my first day. A girl name Eve Cross, and two guys. One name was, Evan (never told me his last name) and Dallas Kristofer.

I had been I dauntless for over a month now and I was the 7 best ranked in the class. Eve was 9, Evan was 2, and Dallas was 5. We had been with each other through the tough times because when we started, we were still in red. But now I'm in top ten. Though a lot of people regret choosing dauntless, I have no regrets.

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