Touched By An Angel (Liam Payne fanfiction)

It's about a girl named Delaney, she's a guardian angel. Liam's girlfriend messed him up so much it broke her heart. She was sent from god himself to save Liam's life. Though she's only given a year. During their year together she and Liam start to get closer and closer. Also on her mission she finds out she isn't just here to help Liam but to help all the boys individually. Also little does she know her past is gonna start to creep back to her. The past she never wishes anyone have to live.


3. Him

Delaney's POV

I've been here along time. I've been here for almost fifteen years. It's beautiful you know, heaven. It's the most beautiful place I've ever seen. You see every angel has a job they symbolize. I of many, many others watch over those still living on earth. We watch over people who are hurting, grieving, rejoicing, and being merry. I've seen many people but one has stuck with me these past three and a half years. His name is Liam Payne. Yes, Liam from One Direction. I've watched him get bullied, struggle with his kidney issues, audition for X Factor, meet the boys, become famous, going home to see his family. I've seen him in relationships and him singal. I've seen him happy and sad. I've heard his prayers. Though for the past few months he has been in a dark place. The girl what he thought would be his soulmate ended up cheating on him and publicly humiliating him. She also claimed that he raped her, which was of course not true. Though due to all the stress and the negative comments and the nasty paperazzi he started having panick attacks and he self harms. I absolutely hate seeing people like that. It just breaks my heart. I don't wish that on any person. You see every time I check up on him I see new cuts and scars on his wrists. He thinks he has no one when he really does. I'm the only who knows he self harms. I'm so scared that one day he'll cut just a little too deep and then he'll be gone. He's not the same anymore. He needs a shoulder to cry on, an ear for listening, a hand to guid him. He needs love more than anything. I gotta save his life. I just gotta. I need to help him find his smile.

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