Her or Me?

Ariana Lington is a sophomore at Inglewood Highschool in LA. She gets bullied and is beautiful . Alejandra Gomez is the same but popular. What happens when a boys moves here and doesn't know who to choose ?


1. Ariana

Beep. Beep . Beep .

Stupid Alarm. Monday, Great . I hate school I wish everyone there can die. Except for some people. Anyways I get up almost falling off the bed half asleep. I go to the bathroom and look at myself in the mirror. Ugly .

I brush my teeth and straighten my long blonde hair . My hair is the only thing I like about myself. Put on some eyeliner and mascara, some lip-gloss and im done. Time to change . I put on a sweater that says 'Sweater Weather' . Even though it wasn't since its always warm here.

'Ariana! Hurry up sweetie! ' My mom yelled.

'Coming !'

 I ran down stairs to see my mom serving breakfast . 'Good Morning Everyone.' I say as I give a kiss to my mom and dad on the cheek. 'Hey Nerd ' My 12 year old little brother Issac told me . I gave him a slap on the back of the head . I ate some cereal and went to my truck and drove to school.  I arrive to school and park my car near the school . Almost to the doors and I hear cars honking . Here come 3 cars . The popular people . The first car is a pink Mercedes. Out comes Liliana, a straight up stick. But good hair. Second car, a black Bugatti, out comes Stephanie , nice body but short short hair. Third car , a blue Lamborghini , out comes Rachel and Alejandra . Rachel is the head cheerleader , Liliana and Stephanie are also cheerleaders. Rachel is pretty and perfect but a slut . To much makeup and skin showing. Alejandra is pretty , nice body ,hair doesn't dress like a slut but is actually the leader of the group making her the top girl . As much as I fucking hate her , everyone wants to be either her or Rachel. Alejandra is the captain for the dance team .  

They walked by me and say hi to everyone . And me behind them going entering Hell . Great . Another 9 hours with bullies .

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