I Dont Belive in Ghosts



1. Introduction

This is my story and no one else's. My name is Leandra. I'm 18 and have powers. Now I know your wondering "why is this book called I don't Believe in Ghost". Two reasons: 1.before I had powers I saw ghosts. 2. I never liked ghosts and said it was all in my mind which made people think I was insane (which I am). So this story is about my experiences with ghost.

It all started on February 2 1996. My birthday. I had a good family my mom dad older brother and me. My life turned upside down when I was 3. My dad ran away in the night and never came back. This brought my mother into depression. Then it got worse my mom started getting into drugs and other bad things trying to escape depression. At the age 10 my mother had become very ill and had died. My brother was 18 and took care of me. At this time my dreams had been getting worse and worse until I couldn't sleep or eat. I know I was young but this is only the beginning.

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