BabyGirl (Criminal Minds, Derek Morgan Lovestory)

Riley Drew is no pushover. Shes starting work at the BAU with the team for the first time, and she aint never letting her guard down. She has been through too much and did too much to turn back now. She didnt even dare say dating at a time like this. But when Derek Morgan sets his eyes on her, will she let a wall down? Or will she be stubborn and ruin the start of something?


3. Rossi Gets It, Babygirl

I walked into SSA Rossi's  office. It was so nice, so peaceful, kind of overwhelming. He was one of the best, like he was my leader or something. I loved being in here. I could focus in here. With so much chaos in this unit, it was nice to have a quiet office.
" Need something?", Rossi said, making me jump.
" Sorry, I shouldnt be just that..."
"Its peaceful here? Yeah, I get it. Sometimes Derek comes in here. So does Reid. I think everyone needs a chance of peace, do they not?", Rossi asked. He was like an old wise man..even though he didnt look that old.
"You're right. I mean, really.", I said, kind of distant.
"How do you feel about being here?", Rossi asked, noticing my distant-ness.
"I'm fine, I just hope that I can make sure I do my part as the team. I feel.."
"Inferior? Yeah, I get it. I do. There was someone before me who worked here a very long time, and when he left..i took his place. I felt kind of left out, inferior even, but in the end, life is what you make it Drew. Make it your own.", Rossi said.
                I smiled. Thank you, I said. As I hugged Rossi out the random. He understood, he understood me.

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