BabyGirl (Criminal Minds, Derek Morgan Lovestory)

Riley Drew is no pushover. Shes starting work at the BAU with the team for the first time, and she aint never letting her guard down. She has been through too much and did too much to turn back now. She didnt even dare say dating at a time like this. But when Derek Morgan sets his eyes on her, will she let a wall down? Or will she be stubborn and ruin the start of something?


4. Keep Calm, Babygirl

The bomb was in the hospital abulance truck. Derek had done a very risky thing to protect everyones life risking his own. I was so scared for him. I almost hated him for doing it. When we got on the plane I ignored him, and everyone else which wasn't like me. I always made conversation but then I just made it seem like I was sleeping. "Well let her rest. May e she's tired", Derek said coming to my defense. My rescue. Grrr!! I hated him for it. I hated him for it. For being the big tough sexy sensitive...wait. Did I just say sexy?!?! Holy shit. I was and there was nothing I could do about it. I kind of liked Derek. No I didn't. Yes I did. I battled that in my mind for the whole trip back home.
When we got back to Quantico I grabbed a coffee. Figured I'd sit in Rossi's room for a bit, just to clear my head. When all of a sudden, you guessed it Derek walked in. You probably guess that he asked if I was okay. You would probably guess that he would hug me and I would faint. Okay maybe not the last Part. I didn't even guess.
"You been okay? You always try to make convo", he asked getting coffee.
" I was okay. Just tired. But no, I'm fine. ", I said. He resumed to getting back his coffee. In a moment of silence I blurted. " I hate you. "
He seemed kind of token aback. "Well um... Why exactly?", he questioned.
"You couldve DIED ! You always think about yourself don't you?". He just stood there and at that moment I lost any sense of judgement and I knew I wasn't making sense. " If you would have died, we would all be in mourning. Wearing black because you did something for you. I was kind of getting used to babygirl and cheeks and if you would have died Morgan ", I yelled silently on the verge of tears. He came over to hug me. I backed away. " no no. Don't touch me. Don't ..."
I suddenly found myself doing the most unpredictable thing yet.
I kissed him. When our lips touched my senses clicked and I ran away embarassed. What the hell was I thinking?! I'm truly stupid aren't I ??

The next day when I saw him, I tried to ignore him and not run into him. When I was getting my coffee he turned me around. I thought about squirming, but I didn't.
"You kissed me. Babygirl i guess I'm just going to have to risk my life more often", he said with a smirk.
" I was out if judgment. Just forget it happened. ", I pleaded.
" All this time, I thought. Riley Drew untouchable. But you couldn't have the thought of losing me could you?", he kept on.
" Derek Morgan, The thought of losing you was very unbearable last night. But I don't have feelings for you? So just forget it okay?", I said.
" that sounded like a question. Not a statement. ", he said with a tone of play
" Derek Morgan hop off my dick and forget this... Forget us!!", i exclaimed.
"Keep calm babygirl. Morgan ain't going no where. "
I left the room somehow amused and upset

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