Losing Grip


1. The Party

"Come on Alyssa let's go we're gonna be late!"

"Coming Meg!" Alyssa says as he gets her dress on. Megan is taking her to some popular party and apparently all the cool kids are going to be there. Megan gets into the car and Alyssa follows shortly after.

"Okay now that we're ready, can you please tell me where it is?!"

"Do you really want me to wreck it for you?"

"Please I'm dying to know!"

"Fine." Megan says through laughs. "It's at Larissa's house.". Larissa's house is a giant mansion at the street. It's a beautiful house. Only billionaires could afford it.


"Welcome!" Says Larissa.

"Hey! Thanks for inviting us!" Alyssa replies

"No problem! Have fun!" She says with a wink. With that, Alyssa and Megan head into the house.

"I hope I meet some cute guys!" Admits Megan.

"Me too." Says Alyssa. The two girls separate and begin to have the night of their lives.


Alyssa is heading to the bathroom when she bumps into someone. She looks up and sees a really cute guy standing in front of her.

"Um.. Hello" he says. " I'm Jason."

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