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Parker price. Normal teenager right? Wrong! Parker is a cold blooded, ruthless killer. She is an assassin. Kills for fun I guess you could say. But fun is soon to end, when Harry styles leader of a group of 5 boys want parker on the gang.


3. chapter 2

I pushed my medium length brown hair, out of my eyes as the cold England air blew through my hair. It was quit cold out right now considering it was about midnight right now. I know it's extremely dangerous to be wandering the streets of England at such a late hour, but I've never really been scared, especially since I'm constantly carrying my pistol around with me. Even if anyone tried to look at me I would just shoot them, simple. I finally arrived at my flat, at about 12:30 un-harmed, like usual. I sighed throwing my gun out on the couch, along with my coat, and phone. Probably wondering how I have all of this stuff? Well This was actually the house my parents and I lived in before they died a year ago, now it's just me. So there was a pretty good amount of money left behind, inside my moms dresser. Before she died, she had always kept spare money in there just incase thank god. I'm also still able to pay for the house with the job I have. I'm a writer. My boss knows about my anger issues, not my issues of me killing people, but just about my anger, so he lets me work from home, and calls in to see how I'm doing. My angry issues sometimes is like an advantage to getting out of stuff such as work and shit. But other than that it fucking sucks. I walked up my crickety old stairs up to my bedroom to get ready for bed. I stripped down, of my cloths and walked into my washroom, and stared at myself in the mirror. I saw a curvy body that I hate, dull blue eyes, medium length brown hair, pink, chapped lips, small breasts, and a face full of misery, who am I? What have I turned into? I'm a fucking psychopath and one day, I'm going to pay for all this fucked up shit I've done.

Niall's POV

"Hey mate guess who what I just fucking saw?!" I said exuberantly to my mate/Gang leader harry styles as I came in through the front door of mine, and 4 other boys cabin that is located in the woods.

"What?" He said bluntly. I threw my phone on the table which held a picture of a young pretty girl with brown hair,hands covered in blood and pistol sticking out of her jacket.

"What? It's just a hot girl carrying a pistol around." He said looking down at his phone not really caring about what I was saying.

"The 'what?' Is that this fucking chick is a fucking killer. I've seen her around before, lurking by alleys, staying in the shadows, and I followed her this time to the alley, and she had some 19 year old dude with her, and not to my surprise she murdered the guy." At this statement harry looked up at me.

"Is she good?" He asked profoundly.

"What do you mean?" I asked not sure if he was talking about her in a sexual manner or not.

"Like killer wise, was she good?" He asked.

"Very." I responded. It was true, no girl could really handle a 19 year old like that, sometimes we can barley handle a 19 year old. (Of course that usually doesn't happen)

"Louis,Liam,Zayn! Get your asses down here!" Harry yelled up to the boys. In 10 seconds exactly they all came stumbling down the stairs.

"Why the hell did you wake me up?" Zayn grumbled slouching down on the couch.

"Zayn" harry paused, "shut the fuck up." He said before turning to face us.

"I need to get a girl." Harry said.

"Bro we know." Louis said laughing, I tried to suppress a laugh but Louis is just too fucking funny.

"Guys just shut the fuck up." Harry said putting his head in his hands.

"Ok ok!" Louis said putting his hands up in surrender still laughing.

"I meant we need to get a girl and bring her hear." He said.

"What kind of girl?" Liam asked. I put my phone out on the table for the boys to look at.

"She's fucking hot." Zayn breathed out.

"I now get why you want her hear hazza!" Louis said slapping harry on the back.

"My fucking god you guys are fucking clueless." Harry said pinching the bridge of his nose.

"She's being brought here to be part of our gang you fucktards!" I yelled.

"Does she know that?" Liam asked still looking at her picture.

"Obviously not, why do you think I need all of us to go get her, she obviously wouldn't willingly want to be brought hear dumb ass." Harry spoke annoyed.

"Ok ok! We will get her here. But can we at least know her name?" Liam asked. I looked at harry before speaking: "parker"

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