Fighting The Shadows

Jace, he is a dauntless member, divergent too. At the age of four, he lost his mother, at the age of sixteen, he found out his twin brother who supposedly died at birth, is still alive. How can Jace be divergent, when he has his own problems to face.


1. Jace

My lips curl into a force smile, as I notice Jamie walk towards me. Jamie, was a dauntless colleague of mine, a year older than me, but still ever bubbly, and warm. She has blonde hair in waves, which surround her beautiful face, and enlighten her dark blue eyes, which reflect the light in her. A pair of converses cover her toes, and she wears black combat trousers, and a purple full sleeved jumper. Jamie bites her lip nervously when she sees me, and runs towards me. Jamie hugs me tightly, causing me to cough, while she sobs hysterically on my shoulder. I take Jamie face gently, and look at her, noticing her eyes are fill with tears, and her mascara running down her face.

"What's wrong Jamie?" I ask with concern.

"My brother, he died." Jamie cries out loud, sobbing hard.

"What do you mean he died?" I ask Jamie, knowing that her brother Evan meant her whole world.

"He wanted to be in dauntless, just like me, and he failed the initiation, the jumping out of train, and he died." Jamie stutters, choking the words out.

"Oh Jamie!" I cry, hugging Jamie.

I knew how much Evan meant to Jamie, especially after her parents death. Evan was everything to her, he looks like Jamie, with the same blonde hair, and blue eyes, except his eyes were a light blue, and he was several inches taller than Jamie. I remember when Jamie told me, that he was going to be in Dauntless, and then destroy all the rebels, and protect Dauntless with his life. Now, he would never get to fight the rebels. Tears come in my eyes, and I try and hold them back.

Don't be a baby Jace

My father voice echoes in my head, causing me to rock nervously. I notice Tris ahead. Her eyes pierce into mine, and I notice she clutches an old shirt of my brother Tobias. I'm Tobias brother Jace, but I guess you never heard of me, after all it was my brother, and Tris who saved us, and helped us. Even, if that meant my brother losing his life. My brother whole life, was fighting the faction, because he believed they were created for evil. I never believed my brother, but after his death. I did. I let Jamie go, while I watch Jamie, run off, going to look for her cousin Marie. I notice Tris watching me. She may be here, but she wanders here like a ghost, ever since my brother died, a part of Tris died with him. Tris could have been beautiful, and I guess under all the sorrow she still was, with a narrow face, and grayish blue eyes which are wide and round, and a long thin nose. Her hair is blonde, not too curly, not too straight, which frame her face, and a nice long neck, which emphasizes her features. Tris walks towards me, and I watch, she staggers as she does.

"Protect Tris Jace, even if something happens to me. I know Tris would suffer, and be in so much pain, but please look after her." Tobias tells me.

My brother Tobias died in a mission to save the factions, to save everyone else. I wasn't in Dauntless than, being several years younger. I remember one day he was there, the next he was gone. I know that Tris was there when he died, she had to watch him die, feel helpless, watch her loved one die, and I know she must have been in so much pain and sorrow. Tris, was in her twenties now, but even know, I still see the young sixteen year old girl, my brother had loved. Tris eyes are fill with sorrow, and she looks at me, trying to see Tobias in me. I have the same dark brown hair, and eyes as Tobias, and I guess you could notice that we were related. But, I wasn't as tall as him, at an height of five ten, which was average.

"Your enemy the devil prowls around, like a roaring lion hunting for someone to devour." Tris speaks out slowly, saying like it was a fact.

"What do you mean Tris? What are you saying?" I ask concerned, and out of curiosity.

I did not understand one word of what she said, what devil, what lion. What was she talking about?

"She's just crazy." I hear Eric say.

I know he isn't just saying that out of random, but because he knows it will make everyone stay away from Tris. Eric says she is dangerous, and that she is crazy. But, I know she isn't, sadly nobody else believes me. Eric says that after my brother dead, she has been wandering like a ghost, but I know she is only silently grieving. Just, like the way I grieve. However, I have got to the fact my brother is dead, and I know that I have to live my life, for my brother. After all, this isn't what he would want of me, to do.

"I'm scared Tobias. They will all hurt me. I'm afraid. Please save me." Tris mumbles back.

"Tris, are you okay?" I ask, feeling worried.

I look around, Tobias. Who was Tris talking to? What does she mean they're hurting her.

"Run. Their coming. Tobias save me." Tris cries out loud.

Suddenly, we hear gun shots, erupting outside, and screams of terror echoing around the room. Tris collapses to the floor, and I look around in panic, watching everyone run around in fear, trying not to be killed. Terror grips me in place, as I stand there frozen, not knowing what to do.

"Their here." Tris says in a voice that could only belong to my brother.

"Tobias." I cry out loud.

"Fight Jace, protect Tris. Be a hero, save me." Tobias voice says in Tris body, as I scream, when suddenly something is injected to me, and I collapse on the floor. The last thing I hear is voices. Tobias voices, Tris screams, and someone saying "Where is Tobias?".


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